BAE Team to Bid for T-X Program

By Tish Drake | September 19, 2011
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BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman have formed a strategic partnership to compete in the U.S. Air Force’s “T-X” program for the replacement of the aging T-38 trainer with BAE Systems’ Hawk Advanced Jet Training System (AJTS). BAE Systems, Inc. will prime this pursuit and Northrop Grumman will serve as the manufacturing partner for the new Hawk aircraft, the companies announced Monday.

“Northrop Grumman’s extensive background as the original equipment manufacturer of the T-38 Talon coupled with the company’s training expertise will make the Hawk AJTS – already a formidable offering – that much more competitive in this procurement,” said Larry Prior, Executive Vice President, Services Sector, BAE Systems, Inc. “We are delighted to have Northrop Grumman as our partner.”

“The BAE Systems-Northrop Grumman team will apply its expertise and lessons learned from decades of aircrew training and aerospace manufacturing to this project, enabling the U.S. Air Force to succeed in every possible way in their critical missions," said Thomas E. Vice, corporate vice president and president of Northrop Grumman Technical Services.

The Hawk AJTS effectively integrates live and synthetic air and ground based elements to successfully train pilots for 5th generation fighters such as the F-35 Lightning II and the F-22 Raptor.

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