Aircell Becomes Gogo

By Tish Drake | July 15, 2011
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Photo courtesy Gogo

Aircell on Friday said it has officially changed its name to Gogo, a move that will refocus the company from a connectivity provider to "an in-air e-commerce and media brand."

“Over the years, we’ve built a lot of equity in the Gogo brand and it has truly become a brand that travelers love. So changing our company name from Aircell to Gogo was really an easy decision,” said Gogo executive vice president and chief marketing officer Ash ElDifrawi. “As we continue to introduce innovative new products, our customers will quickly recognize that Gogo is more than just a Wi-Fi company. They’ll see that Gogo has evolved into an entertainment, e-commerce and media company in-air, online.”

The new brand will be featured on Gogo’s exclusive, in-air multimedia platforms and will also appear on a redesigned ground site that can be found at The company will continue to use the name Aircell in reference to its business aviation group.

“Gogo users are connected by a satisfying shared experience – one that grants access to entertainment, exclusive deals, destination discoveries and personal connections,” adds ElDifrawi. “Whether our customers are flying first class or coach, the best seats on the plane are the ones using Gogo. We want Gogo to be everyone’s favorite part of flying.”

Additionally, the newly named Gogo announced plans to launch an in-air multimedia platform that will extend the company beyond Internet connectivity to offer passengers exclusive access to online services that include real-time travel information, destination content, news and information, shopping deals and social network integration. The platform will also give airlines the opportunity to offer passengers access to the latest movies and TV shows through Gogo’s new streaming video product.

“This is the convergence of in-flight connectivity and entertainment. When we first started offering Wi-Fi connectivity, it became clear to us that we could offer travelers so much more to enhance their travel experience,” said ElDifrawi. “Today, travelers depend on Gogo to keep them connected in air and, while connectivity remains at the heart of our business, we are thrilled to offer travelers this new form of entertainment at 30,000 feet.”

Gogo has begun rolling out some of these new features including a new partnership with Gilt Groupe.

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