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ARINC Tests VDL Mode 2 Frequency Management

By Tish Drake | January 24, 2011
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ARINC, of Annapolis, Md., demonstrated a Multi-Frequency Management (MFM) auto-tune capability for VDL Mode 2 (VHF Digital Link Mode 2) communications.

During the tests in Q3 of 2010, which were performed with Boeing, ARINC used newly developed ground station and radio technologies from its 5-year communications system modernization program. The technologies were installed in Boeing facilities at Boeing Field and Paine Field in the Seattle area.

The companies successfully demonstrated auto-tune of an aircraft, from the VDL common signaling channel to an alternate VDL frequency, and back to the common signaling channel. The auto-tune command is the primary building block to instruct aircraft to tune to VDL frequencies, which enables service providers to actively manage traffic load among VDL frequencies, according to ARINC.

“We are excited about reaching this critical milestone in the advancement of our VDL Mode 2 technologies. This industry ‘first’ represents another major step for ARINC in the evolution to VDL Mode 2 and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) communications,” said Peter Grogan, senior director, ARINC GLOBALinkSM Services.

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