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Bombardier Selects Aircell Connectivity Suite

By Tish Drake | October 18, 2010
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Bombardier Aerospace has chosen a suite of Aircell systems as factory options aboard select aircraft from the Learjet and Challenger business jet families, Aircell announced Monday. The company made the announcement at this week's NBAA convention in Atlanta.

Bombardier’s selection includes a variety of Aircell features, equipment packages and network services available for the respective aircraft, including Aircell Axxess Cabin Communications System; Aircell’s SwiftBroadband system; and Gogo Biz In-flight Internet.

“In the current business context, being connected is a necessity for the majority of executives, and customer expectations for airborne connectivity have grown. Our customers use aircraft to increase productivity and efficiency, and they expect a full online experience while they fly," said Brant Dahlfors, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s vice president, U.S. Sales. "For connectivity in the U.S., Gogo Biz provides exactly what our customers need – it’s a full-speed Internet connection like people expect on the ground. For operations outside the U.S., Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution is perfect for global e-mail and light Internet.”

Most equipment packages are available on Bombardier aircraft currently being delivered, and the rest will become available as certification programs are completed in the coming weeks.

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