Uzbekistan Airways to Use Teledyne Equipment

By Tish Drake | October 1, 2010
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Teledyne Controls, based in El Segundo, Calif., will provide its Flight Data Interface Management Unit (FDIMU) for Uzbekistan Airways on its new Airbus A320s. Uzbekistan Airways will use Teledyne’s FDIMU to perform flight data acquisition, aircraft condition monitoring and data recording to reinforce its FDM (Flight Data Monitoring) program.
“We believe their FDIMU is the most reliable unit available and that it will support our airline’s FDM needs by giving us greater insight into our fleet’s performance,” said Andrey Margachov, Deputy Chief Line Maintenance of Uzbekistan Airways. “Definite considerations when selecting Teledyne’s FDIMU were its programmable ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring System), its adaptability with existing onboard equipment, and its integrative capability with our fleet and our operation, which should be seamless because of the unit’s compatibility with the Airbus aircraft.”

The FDIMU is installed on nearly 75 percent of all delivered Airbus single aisle and long range aircraft, Teledyne said. It provides mandatory data acquisition and a fully programmable Aircraft Condition Monitoring System with recording functions and processing capability. It is available for installation on the Airbus Single Aisle A319/A320/A321 and Long Range A330/A340 aircraft families, allowing operators with multiple aircraft types to utilize the same ACMS technology and programming tool across their fleet.

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