Lockheed Martin Awarded Radar Contract

By Tish Drake | March 4, 2010
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Lockheed Martin received a low-rate initial production, $171.8 million  contract from Northrop Grumman for four AN/APY-9 Airborne Early Warning (AEW) radar systems and spare parts. The radar systems will be integrated into the U.S. Navy’s new E-2D Advanced Hawkeye.

"The APY-9 radar will provide unprecedented capability to the U.S. Navy and allied forces operating in the littorals to detect and track airborne and cruise missile threats," said Carl Bannar, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin’s Radar Systems business, headquartered in Syracuse, NY. "This radar represents a two-generation leap in AEW capability."

The AN/APY-9 radar has a solid-state transmitter and digital receivers to increase sensitivity. The UHF radar can "see" smaller targets — and more of them — at a greater range, particularly in coastal regions and over land, according to Lockheed Martin. Two engineering-development models and four pre-production radar systems are currently in flight and qualification testing. Over the last several months, the Navy/Industry integrated test team has flown more than 230 radar flights, performing multiple hours of over-water, near-land and over-land radar operations. Mission system and radar-related testing are currently ahead of schedule, according to Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin will produce AN/APY-9 radars to equip all 75 planned U.S. Navy E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes.

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