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MD Helicopters Selects Emteq Lighting System

By Tish Drake | February 23, 2010
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MD Helicopters has selected Emteq, of New Berlin, Wis., to develop and supply exterior lighting provisions for the MD900, MD500, and MD600 series helicopters production lines. The lighting systems will include Dual Mode Anti-Collision Lights, Position Lights and Tail Lights.

Emteq said the lighting systems will be designed specifically for the MD Helicopter production lines, but they will also be available for aftermarket installations designed as a direct replacement to the current product with customized mounting plates. All lights are currently undergoing flight testing.

Emteq’s exterior lighting, branded FC Exterior Lighting, uses LED technology and integrated optics for lightweight, easily customized packaging and maximum electrical performance. FC Exterior Lights are also installed as standard and optional equipment on several platforms. EMTEQ also holds ETSO/TSO for many of their exterior lights on both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.

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