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Honeywell Runway Safety Systems OKed

By Tish Drake | September 17, 2009
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Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding products received FAA technical standard order (TSO) approval, the company said Wednesday. The company said SmartRunway provides visual and aural alerts to pilots about runway and taxi locations and SmartLanding informs pilots of unstable approaches and long landings, when an aircraft lands too far down the runway to safely stop. "SmartRunway and SmartLanding address the $1 billion cost of runway excursions and incursions to the commercial flight industry," said TK Kallenbach, Honeywell vice president of Product Management. "This new software provides added situational awareness at increasingly crowded airports while reinforcing standard operating procedures." Honeywell said the SmartRunway is the next generation of its Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS), a runway advisory system introduced in 2004, and installed on more than 200 air transport and 1,470 business aircraft.

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