Naverus Signs Deal in Australia

By Tish Drake | June 25, 2009
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Airservice Australia and Naverus announced a contract Tuesday to establish a nationwide Performance-Based Navigation Network. Under terms of the contract, Airservices Australia, the national air traffic control organization, and Naverus will develop Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures for arrival and departure flight paths at up to 28 major airports around Australia over the next five years. Naverus said the program create a reduction of 122 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and save 39 million kg of fuel per year based on actual flight-trial experience at Brisband. The new RNP procedures will be similar to those designed by Naverus for the 2007 Brisbane Green Trial, conducted by Airservices and Qantas. These procedures are saving, on average, 2.6 minutes of flying time, 125kg of fuel and 390kg of COâ‚‚ per flight compared to standard approach procedures into Brisbane Airport. For more on RNP, register for the Avionics Magazine RNP Webinar June 30. More info

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