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Pilots Eye Light Jet Record

By Tish Drake | April 16, 2009
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EMS Sky Connect, a division of EMS Technologies, is equipping a Cessna CJ2 with Iridium satellite telephone and tracking system in its bid to fly around the world in record breaking time. Two New Jersey-based pilots, Jared Isaacman and his co-pilot Doug Demko, are looking to break the previous light jet record of 84 hours, set in 1991. The Iridium system will track their progress and it will tracked on the Website, The pilots will use the Sky Connect telephone to obtain weather briefings, keep in touch with the support team in New Jersey, and ensure each fuel stop is ready for their arrival. Isaacman and Demko departed from Morristown Airport April 12, heading northeast for their first fueling stop. Their plan includes 14 stops along the route that takes them from North America to Europe, across the Middle East, then southward to the Philippines, up to Korea and Russia, and then back into North America via Alaska.

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