Hawk Mk51 Trainer Flies with CMC Avionics

By Tish Drake | October 28, 2008
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CMC Electronics, of Montreal, announced last week that Patria Group of Finland flew a Hawk Mk51 trainer aircraft outfitted with its Cockpit 4000 integrated avionics suite. During the 100-minute flight from Halli Airfield in Finland, Finnish air force test pilots confirmed the aircraft performed successfully, CMC said. The Patria avionics upgrade includes CMC's open-architecture mission computer, a SparrowHawk Head-Up Display and Up Front Control Panel, two 5-by-7-inch Multifunction Displays (one in each cockpit), and a HUD repeater for each aircraft. Patria, a defense and aerospace group based in Helsinki, supports a fleet of 49 BAE Systems Hawks for the Finnish Air Force.

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