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DayJet, FAA in NextGen Partnership

By Tish Drake | June 12, 2008
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On-demand air taxi operator DayJet Corp., Boca Raton, Fla., signed an agreement with FAA to begin a five-year implementation of Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) technologies in Florida. According to DayJet, which operates a fleet of Eclipse 500 very light jets, the project will focus on the safe expansion of airspace outside metropolitan areas via small community airports using VLJs. In March, FAA announced Florida will be the national test bed for accelerating NextGen. Under the agreement, DayJet, over the next five years, will operate its fleet with equipment that will enable it to provide the government with data that comprise some of the key components of NextGen. The first phase (2008-2010) will focus on Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). The second phase (2009-2011) will implement System Wide Information Management (SWIM) for enhanced weather awareness and management, and the third phase (2011-2013) will deploy performance-based communications for flight planning and flight plan management. DayJet recently slowed down its ambitious expansion plans due to its inability to capture additional capital investment.

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