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Insitu UAV Completes Flight Test

By Tish Drake | March 19, 2008
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Insitu, based in Bingen, Wash., said its Integrator unmanned aircraft (UA) completed a flight test using its new software and avionics architecture. Athena Technologies, in Warrenton, Va., provided a customized autopilot system for the flight test, the companies said. The flight included a take-off using Insitu’s launcher; flight controls checks and practice approaches; and a high-precision GPS-based final approach and wing-tip capture into Insitu’s Skyhook recovery system. The company said the UA includes a proprietary multi-function EO/IR turret with cryogenically cooled night sensor, EO day sensor, laser range finder, IR marker and optional target designator. Integrator’s baseline configuration provides 24 hours of endurance with 500 watts of power available to 25 pounds of payload.

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