FAA Wiring, Fuel Tank Requirements Revised

By | November 9, 2007
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FAA’s Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Airplane Systems (EAPAS) on Thursday published a final rule clarifying requirements for design, installation and maintenance of electrical wiring in transport category aircraft. The requirements are contained in a new subpart of Part 25 devoted to wiring. Under the revised rules, pending Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) applicants and existing type certificate holders for transport aircraft carrying 30 or more passengers or having a maximum payload capacity exceeding 7,500 pounds must provide Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) for “representative” aircraft incorporating variations of wire systems used on that series aircraft. In addition, by December 16, 2008, operators under Parts 91, 121, 125, and 129 must develop maintenance/inspection programs for fuel tank systems based on fuel tank system ICA developed by manufacturers under Special Federal Aviatio Regulation (SFAR) 88, Fuel Tank System Fault Tolerance Evaluation Requirements. “We’ve gained enormous knowledge about aircraft wiring issues over the last decade,” said FAA Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Nicholas A. Sabatini. “With this rule, we are ensuring that wiring systems will be properly designed, installed and maintained over the life of the airplane.”

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