Jeppesen Participates in RNP Pilot Program

By Tish Drake | August 24, 2007
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Jeppesen, Englewood, Colo., has been invited by the FAA to participate in a pilot program that will allow third-party vendors to develop, quality assure, flight test and maintain Required Navigation Performance (RNP) flight procedures within the United States. The company said once it reaches qualified status, it will be able to complete all phases of designing and implementing new public RNP procedures within the National Airspace System. “Jeppesen has developed numerous RNP and other types of procedures around the world, including recent work with Boeing at Linzhi airport in the mountainous region of Tibet,” said Andy McDowell, senior manager of Jeppesen Airspace Services. “RNP represents a key part of the future air traffic management system.” RNP enables aircraft to navigate within very accurate corridors for more efficient arrivals and departures. RNP procedures are also the foundation for continuous descent approaches, a technique for reducing fuel burn and noise during descent into an airport terminal area.

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