EMS Wins Antennas Work

By Tish Drake | July 17, 2007
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EMS Technologies, Atlanta, said its Defense & Space Systems (D&SS) Division, received a $12 million contract from Lockheed Martin for antennas for the F-22 Raptor aircraft. Hardware deliveries to run through May 2010. Under terms of the multi-year contract, EMS will supply 60 flight sets of its Intraflight Data Link (IFDL) antenna system. The system, EMS said, is lightweight, low power and has no moving parts. The system will allow the F-22 to communicate tactical data with other F-22’s during a mission, giving pilots the ability to share real-time information about the battle environment. EMS said the multi-year deal allows for a more continuous and long-term manufacturing flow, which will offer improvements in yields and efficiencies. For related news

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