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Lockheed Martin Wins UAV Controller Contract

By Tish Drake | May 10, 2007
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Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract for system design and development of the Future Combat Systems Centralized Controller Device (CCD) for unmanned air and ground vehicles.

The contract was awarded by Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), which is teamed with Boeing as the lead systems integrator. The Lockheed Martin team includes partners iRobot and Honeywell. The potential value for the development contract exceeds $35 million through 2014.

The Centralized Controller Device will consolidate what traditionally would be numerous disparate controllers into a single integrated system, simplifying logistics. Primarily, it will control the FCS Class I unmanned aerial vehicles, Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment and Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle, unattended ground sensors, ground vehicle functions and their respective payloads.

Overall, it will enable soldiers to control nearly 750 systems per brigade, Lockheed Martin said.

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