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Sea-Tac to Get More ATC Displays

By Tish Drake | April 4, 2007
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The Port Authority of Seattle purchased additional Sensis Corp., air traffic control displays for controllers managing ramp operations at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac). Specifics about the contract, including the financial terms and number of displays, were not disclosed. The port authority says the displays, which were originally installed in December, allow controllers in the ramp tower to receive real-time surveillance data provided by the Sensis ASDE-X system. Controllers receive a combination of data from surface movement radars and transponder multilateration for aircraft position labeled with flight call signs. And, they can view this data on displays that feature an interface developed in consultation with air traffic controllers, Sensis said. “The ability of our ramp controllers to receive real-time surveillance data is invaluable,” said Mike Ehl, Director, Airport Operations, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. “With comprehensive surveillance information, airlines can pushback at the optimal time, reducing fuel burn for cost savings. Additionally, we can better manage to flight schedules to help ensure on-time arrivals and departures, especially in low-visibility operations.” For related news

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