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Eclipse, Aspen Settle Lawsuit

By | February 5, 2007
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Eclipse Aviation Corp. will receive a 1-percent common stock interest in Aspen Avionics, under a legal settlement reached between the companies this month. Last year, co-founders of Aspen Avionics, Albuquerque, N.M., were sued by Eclipse, which claimed rights to the AT300 Hazard Awareness Display. Eclipse claimed the two men developed the device while working for Eclipse and violated an agreement that anything invented on Eclipse’s time was the company’s to exploit. Under the settlement, Eclipse releases Aspen from all claims that were or could have been asserted regarding its co-founders’ past employment at Eclipse. Aspen will provide Eclipse with a 1-percent common stock interest in Aspen. “All eyes are on the horizon now,” said Jeff Bethel, Aspen co-founder and chief technology officer. “Our R&D is in full swing, and we can devote all our efforts to building avionics systems that make aircraft safer and easier to fly.” More

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