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By | October 1, 2006
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Multi I/O Board

Data Device Corp. (DDC) has unveiled a multiprotocol PMC card for Mil-Std-1553 and ARINC 429 data bus applications. The BU-655590F/M packages a wide array of functions, including up to four dual-redundant Mil-Std-1553 channels, 16 ARINC 429 receive channels, four ARINC 429 transmit channels, six user-programmable, discrete input/outputs (I/Os), two RS-232 serial I/O channels, two RS-422/485 serial I/O channels and an IRIG-B time synchronization input. The card will be available with either rear or front panel I/O and is compatible with either convection or conduction cooling. The combination of protocols saves PMC slots for applications using 1553, 429 and serial data buses, points out Todd Decker, DDC's Mil-Std-1553 marketing manager. The 1553 interface uses the company's new Extended Enhanced Mini-ACE architecture, which builds on past products while maintaining full software compatibility. Each 1553 channel includes 1 Mbyte of RAM with parity, 48-bit/1-microsecond time tag synchronized to an IRIG-B input and built-in self-test. Visit

Electronic Tester

Schaffner Test Systems, Edison, N.J., has introduced the NSG 4070, an improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tester. The 4070 boasts a frequency range of 9 KHz to 1 GHz and modular setup, using either internal or external amplifiers. Intended for test labs and design departments, the equipment incorporates a 5-by-7-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, 9 KHz-to-1 GHz signal generator and 9 KHz-to-1 GHz, four-channel power meter. The NSG 4070 also has an integrated power amplifier supplying frequency ranges up to 1 GHz and up to 75 watts of nominal output power. A USB memory stick also can be plugged into the front panel to access test and measurement data. Visit

PMC Carrier Card

A new PCI Express dual PMC carrier card has been announced by ICS, part of Radstone Embedded Computing. The ICS-7003 is designed to provide eight lanes of PCI Express input/output (I/O) and dual FPDP connectors. Each PMC site is PCI-X (64-bit, 133-MHz) compliant. The card also includes a PCI Express-to-dual PCI-X bridge. Visit


The Model 325 electrostatic voltmeter, new from Trek Inc., Medina, N.Y., is aimed at applications requiring accurate, low-noise, noncontacting measurement of electrostatic voltages from millivolts to +/-40 volts over a wide range of probe-to-surface distances. A sample application is the testing of the reliability and characteristics of dielectric materials and films in electronic systems. The unit includes 1-mV sensitivity, response speed of less than 3 ms (microseconds) and accuracy better than 0.05 percent of full scale. Visit

Signal Acquisition

Monroe, N.Y.-based Acqiris now offers a series of compact, high-speed, multichannel data acquisition systems-the MAQlink3000, 5000 and 8000. Each unit can incorporate multiple 8-, 10-, and 12-bit Compact PCI digitizers and includes a high-speed interface for PC or laptop computers. The systems also can accommodate up to 28 data acquisition channels, according to the company. Pricing starts at $5,790. Visit

Power Cables

Pulizzi Engineering Inc. has released a new line of power cables and cable accessories. Over 30 stock versions are available, including NEMA 5-15P to IEC C19, NEMA L6-20P to IEC C19, and European Shucko to IEC C19 cord sets. Among the standard configurations are 120-volt, 208-volt and 230-volt cables, available in both 15-amp and 20-amp current ratings. Visit

Bonding Clamps

Available from Newson Gale Inc., Lakewood, N.J., are the latest Cenelectrex-brand stainless static grounding and bonding clamps and retractable cable assemblies. The units are packaged as complete assemblies with a bonding clamp and a retractable anti-static cable or as separate items for self-assembly. Visit

LCD Screen

Flight Display Systems, Alpharetta, Ga., has unveiled its FD151SMT, a 15-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screen for in-flight entertainment applications. The LCD comes with a slide mount for the aircraft cabin. It provides 176-degree viewing on both axes. The company says the screen could be used on business aircraft such as the Pilatus PC-12, the Raytheon Hawker and Cessna Citation families, and larger platforms. The LCD display is priced at $7,450. Epps Aviation of Atlanta, Ga., is the launch customer for the 15-inch screen. Visit


StacoSwitch, Costa Mesa, Calif., has introduced a new data entry product, the M777 enclosed QWERTY keyboard. The rugged unit features a wipeable surface and watertight sealing (to a NEMA 4 rating), simplifying cleaning of dust, dirt and chemicals and minimizing places for impurities to accumulate. The keyboard is available with PS/2 or USB, custom legends and optional, adjustable backlighting. Visit

EMI Filtering

The Amphe-dB series of filter connectors, designed to remove electromagnetic interference (EMI), is now available from Amphenol Industrial Operations, Sidney, N.Y. The ruggedized products, intended for industrial as well as laboratory environments, are compliant with the lead-free RoHS (restriction on the use of hazardous substances) mandate and are customizable through various filtering and shell options. Visit

Computer Boards

Chatsworth, Calif.-based Aitech Defense Systems has introduced two 3U compact PCI single board computers (SBCs) that are available in commercial, rugged and military configurations. The C901, and its low-power counterpart, the C901L, use Freescale 7448 PowerPC processors that provide performance up to 1.4 GHz and additional memory and I/O options. Aitech says the SBCs can function in a variety of applications, including in mission computers and mission control subsystems, fire control processing and unmanned aircraft platforms. Visit

Vibration Simulator

An ear and cheek simulator used to test acoustic and vibration qualities is now available from GRAS Sound & Vibration of Cleveland, Ohio. According to the company, its Type 43AG is modeled on the part of the face that is important in reproducing the acoustic properties of the human ear. Applications include insert-earphone measurement, earphone production tests, IEC 711 standard measurements and telephone testing with pinna simulators. Visit

Host Interface

One Stop Systems, based in Escondido, Calif., has unveiled a host interface board for the PCI Express expansion market. The HIB2 expands a PCIe x8 slot in a host PC to additional x8 or x16 PCIe slots at speeds of up to 20 Gbits/s. The host bus is extended over a high-speed PCI-SIG-specified data cable, which connects to the port of One Stop Systems' chassis or rack-mounted 1U PCIe switch. Visit

Electronic Jamming

The Elisra Group has unveiled its ALQ-903 Escort Jammer system, which provides automatic detection, identification and jamming of radars for fighter aircraft. The digital system uses advanced technology to find and jam ground radar, which prevents enemy systems from detecting circling aircraft. The ALQ-903 includes phased array, solid state power amplifiers and can operate in autonomous or controlled modes. According to Israel-based Elisra, the system allows fighters to penetrate complex air defenses. Visit

Storage System

General Micro Systems (GMS) has released a conduction-cooled network attached storage (NAS) system intended for space-constrained and severe environments. The Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based company's Index VCNAS supports up to 200 Gbytes of rotating media, or 128 Gbytes of Flash memory for applications requiring security or operating in harsh conditions. GMS says the product is ideal for military applications, as it uses embedded error correction and detection algorithms that help to yield a data error rate of less than 1 bit. Three other advanced technologies, Rapid Purge, MilPurge and Intelligent Purge, also are employed to protect data stored in the VCNAS. Visit

Switches Guide

Teledyne Electronics and Communications division, Teledyne Relays, has released a microwave switches selection guide, which covers 20 categories of coaxial switches and relays. The 24-page guide includes schematic drawings of the various components and detailed information on DC to 26.5 GHz, single-pole, double-throw (SPDT), SP8T, and transfer switches. The brochure also lists 21 parameters, such as frequency and temperature range, connector type, coil voltage, contact life, RF performance, shock and vibration. Visit

Test Equipment

Avionics test and measurement provider, Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp. (TIC), has announced upgrades to its T-47 series of flight-line test units. New features include testing for enhanced Mode S (EHS) and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), as well as expanded tail number decoding for Mode S and ADS-B. TACAN and DME frequency and power measurement also is offered. Based in Carlstadt, N.J., TIC also supplies transponder test sets and a wide range of communication and navigation testing equipment. Visit

HUMS Equipment

The family of health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) from the Vibration division of PCB Piezotronics now includes ICP, charge output and high temperature sensors. The Depew, N.Y.-based company's HUMS offerings, available in ICP or charge output versions, come in a range of hermetically sealed configurations. High-temperature versions can operate up to 900 degrees F in frequencies of up to 15 KHz. Visit


The PowerMatrix series of multiprocessor systems is now available from Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Leesburg, Va. The highly modular systems can be customized for specific processing and I/O requirements, such as serial FPDP, Fibre Channel, gigabit Ethernet, ARINC 429 and digital receiver. Curtiss-Wright offers the PowerMatrix-48 DSP, a 21-slot system that supports up to 48 PowerPC, 1.25-GHz processors, and the PowerMatrix-10 SMP, an 8-slot unit that supports up to 20 PowerPC 1-GHz processors. The company also announced the PowerMatrix-20 SMP, which supports up to five quad PowerPC Manta QX3 single board computers. Performance for the units is up to 480 giga floating point operations per second (GFLOPS) for the PowerMatrix-48 DSP, and up to 160 GFLOPS for the -10 SMP and -20 SMP. Visit

Temperature Sensors

Heraeus Sensor Technology has introduced two miniature temperature sensors. The products-KN1008 and KN3005-are ceramic wirewound platinum sensors, which are commonly used in applications with high measurement stability and wide temperature ranges. According to Heraeus, the small diameter of the sensors, 0.8 mm for the KN1008 and 0.5 mm for the KN3005, results in response times of less than 0.2 seconds. The sensors are compliant with IEC 60751 specifications. Visit


Satcom Support
Emteq, New Berlin, Wis., offers recommendations about program management, design, integration and certification for installations of Honeywell's MCS satcom systems. Visit

Newark, Del.-based W.L. Gore & Associates has announced a series of impedance-matched size 8 and size 12 Quadrax interconnects for cables. The products offer alignment features and optimized signal performance. Visit

Updated versions of Aviation Supplies & Academics' Federal Aviation Regulations and Aeronautical Information Manual (FAR/AIM) publications are now available. In addition to a general FAR/AIM book, the company offers information on FAR for flight crew and aviation maintenance technicians. Visit

Long-Nose Pliers
Klein Tools of Chicago has introduced three versions of its long-nose, long-reach pliers. The offerings include straight nose, 45-degree bent nose and 90-degree nose. The pliers are designed to access hard-to-reach areas. Visit

Flight Training
Sporty's has updated two of its DVDs to incorporate Garmin displays. The company's autopilots DVD now includes a section on the capabilities of the G1000, including a flight level change/airspeed hold function. Separately, a program on the Garmin 396 handheld GPS unit incorporates material relating to the Garmin 496. Visit

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