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By | April 1, 2006
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Citation 650 Cockpit Modifications

FAA has granted a supplemental type certificate (STC) to Elliott Aviation, Moline, Ill., for its Elite Series cockpit upgrade on the Cessna Citation 650. This modernization replaces the cathode ray tube-based electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and electromechanical flight instruments with Universal Avionics' 890R display suite. The package features 8-by-10-inch 890R primary flight displays (PFDs), which can be programmed to show Universal's Vision-1 synthetic vision system. Flanking the pilot's PFD is an 890R nav display (ND), which replaces the aircraft's radar indicator and serves as a multifunction display. The ND, which is also a backup system for the PFDs, is capable of showing Universal's Class A terrain awareness warning system (TAWS), moving maps, electronic charts and WSI Nexrad weather radar. Elliott also installed Universal's UNS-1F flight management system (FMS) and dual radio control units (RCUs) on the Citation 650 used for certification. That aircraft also received updated reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) equipment and a Honeywell CAS-67A traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS II/ACAS). Elliott has received STCs for the Elite Series upgrade on the Citation 650 and Dassault Falcon 10. The company anticipates certification for the Citation 500, 501, 550 and 560 in April 2006. Visit

Angle Measurement

North Atlantic Industries of Bohemia, N.Y., has unveiled the 8810A, a synchro/resolver angle measurement instrument. Designed to replace the predecessor 8810 instrument, the 8810A provides dual-input, high-resolution touchscreen controls. It is compatible with Ethernet, USB and IEEE-488 interfaces. Visit

Data Link

ARINC GLOBALink operator Finnair has joined Link 2000+, a Eurocontrol program that helps coordinate controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) projects in Europe. By 2007 the carrier plans to equip 29 of its Airbus A320s with ARINC's VHF digital link Mode 2 (VDL-2) avionics package, which is used in the Link 2000+ program. Visit


Aeroflex in Plainview, N.Y., has announced the ACT4462D, a universal transceiver that supports Mil-Std-1553, Mil-Std-1760, MacAir A-3818, A-4905, A-5232 and A-5690, and H009 bus types. The ACT4462D can operate at 12 or 15 volts. It features 5-volt logic power supplies and a voltage source output designed to increase performance in bus loading. Visit

Radio Transmitters

Thales has signed a 60-million contract with the Swiss Army to supply multipurpose transmitters, including management and control software. The Swiss Army and Air Force plan to use the transmitters as part of the integrated system for surveillance and radio transmission (IFASS). The devices will replace existing ones that were installed nearly 25 years ago by Thomson-CSF, which is now part of Thales. Visit

Satcom System

Axxess, a new multichannel satcom system offered by AirCell, is now operational. The system includes two Iridium satellite channels for voice and narrowband data services, and the capacity to add up to two more channels. Through Axxess' Ethernet port, operators also can install a high-speed Inmarsat connection on a plug-and-play basis. Designed for medium and large business jets, the system will allow passengers to access e-mail, fax and the Internet, and send and receive short data burst (SBD) and short messaging service (SMS) traffic.

Axxess supports Wi-Fi-enabled handsets, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and laptop computers. AirCell anticipates the addition of wireless and broadband capability in the second quarter of 2006, pending FAA certification. Visit


Sandel Avionics is developing two 4-by-4-inch cockpit displays: the SN4500 electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI) and the SA4500 electronic attitude director indicator (EADI). Both units incorporate SandelSmart I/O (input/output). The EHSI features multiple horizontal situation indicator (HSI) modes, a pilot interface, and navigation and safety sensors, including traffic and weather data. The EADI replaces older attitude directors in single-cue or split-cue annunciation formats. Visit

ARINC 429 Interface

Condor Engineering has announced its CEI-430, a high-density ARINC 429 interface designed for PC/104-Plus and PC/104 systems. The CEI-430 uses Condor's field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. The interface also can be configured to support the ARINC 717/573 flight data recorder data bus, allowing engineers to incorporate flight data with in-flight entertainment systems. Visit

Air Data

Mid-Canada Mod Center, Mississauga, Ontario, has selected Waldenburg, Switzerland-based Revue Thommen's AD32 air data display as an upgrade to the Beech 1900D. The AD32 is compatible with Chelton Flight Systems' electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and terrain awareness warning system (TAWS). Thommen says the device increases aircraft reliability and reduces repair costs. Visit

Graphics Software

San Diego-based Aonix has released its standard widget toolkit (SWT) graphics extensions for its PERC operating environment. A graphics library and widget toolkit developed as part of the Eclipse development platform, SWT is available for embedded Java applications that support the Portable Embedded GUI (PEG+), made by Swell Software of Port Huron, Mich. Visit or

Processing Card

The first conduction-cooled version of the Phoenix VPF1 VME/VXS processing card has been shipped by VMETRO, Oslo, Norway. Features include a dual AltiVec-based PowerPC, dual Xilinx Virtex-II Pro XC2VP70 field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), eight serial communications channels and onboard Ethernet. The card supports VxWorks and Linux operating systems. Visit

WAAS Navigation

CMC Electronics is developing a GPS receiver, using the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). The IntegriFlight CMA-5024, which will be certified to TSO-C145 Beta-3 and TSO-C146 Delta-4 standards, supports the ARINC 743A interface flight management systems that are capable of required navigation performance-area navigation (RNP-RNAV). CMC expects to offer the receiver by the fourth quarter of 2006. Visit

Digital Flight Recorders

The D5000 series of digital flight recorders from Heim Data Systems now supports the IRIG 106, Chapter 10, standard. The product line can be used to acquire PCM telemetry, avionics bus and sensor data. Visit

Connector System

Fiber optic component manufacturer Stratos International, Chicago, has introduced its LuxCis Termini 38999 connector system. The system is based on the LuxCis termini common optical pin and a Mil-Std-38999 interface, and it also supports ARINC, EPX and custom adapters. Visit

Single Board Computers

Aitech Defense Systems, Chatsworth, Calif., has added two boards to its C10x line of single board computers--the C101L and C106L. Both computers are rated at 1 GHz, and are designed for use in rugged environments. The C101L uses a low-power version of the MPC 7457 PowerPC processor, and the C106L uses the 7447A PowerPC. Visit

GPS Receivers

Canadian company NovAtel's OEMV line of GPS receivers is now capable of tracking satellites from GLONASS, the Russian government's version of GPS. NovAtel, in Calgary, Alberta, anticipates a March 2006 release of the OEMV-2 and OEMV-3, which will include an option to collect dual-frequency GLONASS data. Visit

Embedded Computers

Curtiss-Wright Embedded Computing's VME64x and VPX (VITA 46) computer boards now have two new levels of protection from rugged conditions. Level 300, designed to protect from electrostatic discharge in harsh environments, will be available on Curtiss-Wright's SVME/DMV-183 single board computer and CHAMP AV-IV digital signal processor (DSP) engine in early 2006. Level 50, which is currently available, is intended for the semirugged market and has an operating temperature range of -20 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius. Visit

Voltage Regulator

Pulizzi Engineering, Santa Ana, Calif., has released its VR120-15 voltage regulation and power distribution system. The unit, which has nine 120-volt AC/15-amp outlets, monitors and stabilizes AC power. It features over-voltage protection, an internal cooling fan and a rugged, steel design. The company also offers its VPC2864 vertical power distribution unit. That device, which is 70 inches by 2 inches, provides 30 outlets. Visit

Low-Light Camera

The IK-1000, a low-light, color video camera made by Toshiba's Imaging Systems division, is now available. The unit features Toshiba's electron multiplying technology, which multiplies incoming signals by a factor of 1,000, providing full-color reproduction to 0.25 mlux. The camera was developed for starlight and other low-visibility conditions. Visit

SDR Support

Wind River Systems, Alameda, Calif., has announced the development of VxWorks 6.2, a version of its operating system designed to support software defined radio (SDR) applications. VxWorks 6.2 can be used to build software communications architecture-conformant SDRs for the Joint Tactical Radio System and other programs, the company says. Visit

Development Software

New York-based AdaCore has unveiled the latest version of its GNAT Programming Studio, a software development program designed for the Ada programming language. The products incorporate enhanced tools, a project editing feature and human interface improvements. Visit

Processor Card

The Maverick V394 single board computer (SBC) has been introduced by General Micro Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Dual 1-GHz 7447 PowerPCs serve the VMEbus-based SBC, which includes USB, SCSI 320/160 and Ethernet ports. The V394 card supports Linux, QNX and VxWorks operating systems. Visit


Dow-Key Microwave, Ventura, Calif., offers its Integrated Switch Matrix, which has a USB 2.0 port. Based on the SP12T switch, the device offers internal termination and performs up to 18 GHz. It comes equipped with a self-cutoff latching actuator and optoelectronic indicator circuitry. Visit

User Interface

Now available from TECOM Industries, Thousand Oaks, Calif., is its model 203350A/R4 antenna control unit graphical user interface (GUI). Visit

Maintenance Aid

Startup airline Virgin America has chosen Ramco's browser-based, Web-centric maintenance and engineering software program using Ramco's VirtualWorks technology. Visit


Jeppesen has released Version 3.2 of its JeppView FliteDeck, a digital chart program for the cockpit that includes a moving map. Visit

Heating Tool

The Glo-Ring, a handheld tool that produces heat, is available from Eraser Co. for applications such as butt welding. Visit


Sporty's seat organizer is designed to hold various electronics, such as a handheld transceiver, portable GPS or laptop. Visit

Pulsed Lasers

Bothell, Wash.-based Aculight Corp. has added two models to its Picasso line of pulsed fiber lasers, the PF1550PM-30 and the PF1060-40. Visit

Cable Tool

W.L. Gore & Associates of Newark, Del., has improved the usability of an on-line tool for configuring its high flex flat and trackless cable assemblies. Visit

Sensor Guide

SpaceAge Control, Palmdale, Calif., offers a free guide to UAV displacement sensors. Visit

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