Air China to Use Rockwell Collins Avionics

By Tish Drake | February 19, 2008
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Air China has selected a suite of Rockwell Collins avionics for 11 Boeing 737-800 aircraft leased from GE Commercial Aviation Services. Delivery begins in 2008 and continues through 2010. The suite of avionics selected by Air China includes WXR-2100 MultiScan Hazard Detection System, the Automatic Direction Finder ADF-900, Direction Finding Antenna DFA-901, Distance Measuring Equipment DME-900, Data Radio HFS-900D, Coupling Unit CPL-920D, GPS Landing Unit GLU-925, Passenger Address Unit PAU-700, Low-range Radio Altimeter LRA-900,Very High Frequency Transceiver VHF-2100 and VHF Omnidirectional Range/Marker Beacon Receiver VOR-900.

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