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By | March 1, 2006
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Flight Training

Montreal-based Mechtronix has received FAA and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) certification for its Ascent full flight trainer for the ATR 42-300. Ascent was the first of several flight training devices delivered to ATR's Training Center in Toulouse, France, as part of a package supplied by Mechtronix and Aerosim Technologies of Burnsville, Minn. Mechtronix also delivered one Aerosim Virtual Flight Deck and two Aerosim Virtual Procedure Trainers to ATR.

The Mechtronix full flight trainer can be configured for ATR 42-300, 42-500, 72-200 and 72-500 aircraft. The equipment comes with GPS, enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS), weather radar and traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS). The flight trainer also features CAE's Tropos visual system and a debriefing system by SimAuthor. Together, these devices support ATR's "advanced aviation training" concept, which involves the intensive use of nonmotion trainers in initial and recurrent training prior to moving to a full-motion environment. Visit

Single Board Computer

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has launched the SCP/DCP-124, a 3U compact PCI (cPCI) single board computer powered by Freescale's 7447A/7448 PowerPC processor. The processor, which is available in conduction-cooled and air-cooled versions, comes with 1 Mbyte of internal ECCL2 cache memory at core processor speed and up to 512 Mbytes of DDR1 SDRAM with ECCL2. Able to function as a system slot board or a peripheral board, the unit is compatible with Curtiss-Wright's earlier SCP/DCP-122. Visit

Data Storage

BAE Systems, Los Angeles, has chosen VMETRO to provide a multichannel, high-speed data collection and playback system for testing BAE's autonomous landing guidance system. VMETRO's recording system will store six channels of high-speed analog radar data, two low-speed analog signals and Mil-Std-1553 and ARINC 429 inputs to a Fibre Channel storage area network. Visit

Development Platform

The RTS 2502 development platform system has been announced by Pentek, Long Beach, Calif. The unit adds a playback component to the company's RTS 2501 design by using four D/A channels and two upconverters. The RTS 2502 also features a data recording system with a graphical user interface. Visit

Trip Planning

Air Routing International's Flight Manager trip-planning program has been upgraded for wireless broadband and cell phone-based personal digital assistants (PDAs). The service traditionally has been available through personal computers and laptops. Visit

Camera Mounting

Woodland Park, Colo.-based Genesis 3 Engineering has introduced a system to protect cameras mounted on rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft. Its 47-pound (21.3-kg) Retractable Platform System (RPS) helps to prevent foreign object damage, increase security for parked aircraft and improve field operation capabilities. RPS has been tested for speeds from 100 to 400 knots, and can accommodate any camera up to 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter. Visit


Positronic has launched a family of miniature power/signal connectors--the Dragonfly series. Features include multiple package sizes with a quick-latch locking system, crimp contact and PCB terminations, and closed and open female contacts. Visit

Crash-Safe System

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Green Hills Software has introduced a crash-safe file system--its Partitioning, Journaling File System (PJFS). Designed with a small footprint for embedded applications, PJFS uses Green Hills' Integrity operating system and Velocity microkernel. Visit


Now available from Champion Optical Technology Services (COTS) is the Filament, single-fiber transceiver in the MSA industry standard form factor. The product comes with ARINC 801 connectors and is designed to meet or exceed military requirements for temperature, moisture resistance, physical shock and tri-axis vibration. Visit

Data Monitoring

ITCN now offers SystemTrace, a program that monitors data flow in embedded systems, including data buses, backplanes and discrete signals. SystemTrace uses two devices to monitor and analyze data--the ST-201VME and the ST-101 Mil-Std-1553 modules. Visit


Kollsman has announced a Micro-ViS head-up display (HUD) for cockpits. Under development in partnership with sister company El-Op Electro-Optics Industries, the HUD will be available in 2007, according to Kollsman. Visit

Landing Lights

Raytheon Aircraft Co. now offers the LoPresti Boom Beam landing light system as a factory option on the Hawker 800XP and for aftermarket installation on the Hawker 400. Visit

Software Licensing

AdaCore has signed a three-year software licensing agreement with Thales. Six Thales Group businesses and their subcontractors will use GNAT Pro, AdaCore's platform of software programs and tools for developers. The agreement covers up to 250 Thales developers. Visit

Digital Flight Recorder

Heim Data Systems' D200f digital flight recorder now supports the IRIG 106, Chapter 10, standard. The D200f uses modular signal interfacing and interchangeable media cartridges to provide flexible, modular solutions for aerial and mobile operations. Visit

Satellite Messaging

International Communications Group (ICG) has introduced an Iridium GPS-based messaging system that offers airborne communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) data link, weather graphics and other data link services. Visit

PCI Analyzers

Acqiris has unveiled its model AP240 and AP235 dual-channel PCI analyzers. Both data cards use Peak, which is time-to-digital conversion and peak analysis firmware. The AP240 combines front-end, analog-to-digital conversion with up to 1-GHz bandwidth, and up to 500 MHz for the AP235. Visit

Cable Terminus

Tyco Electronics has released a high-speed optical cable terminus. The high-density 1.25-mm terminus is designed for network technologies such as Ethernet. These devices can connect to shell styles, such as ARINC 600, Mil-C-38999 and size 8 quadrax cavity reducer. Visit

Data Bus Cards

Elkhorn, Neb.-based AIM has introduced its fourth-generation APX1553 for Mil-Std-1553 testing, simulation and training. The peripheral component interconnect extended (PCI-X)-compatible device comes in two versions: a dual-stream APX1553-2 and a single-stream APX1553-1. The cards are available in full-function, single-function and simulator-only versions. Visit

RVSM Compliance

Innovative Solutions & Support, Exton, Pa., has obtained FAA technical standard order (TSO) approval for its integrated air data display system (IADDS), a product supporting reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) compliance. An upgraded version of its air data display unit (ADDU), IADDS uses the ADDU and an installation configuration module. Visit

Database Loading

Starting in late 2006, users of Rockwell Collins' flight management system (FMS) will be able to upgrade their DBU-4000/4100 database loading units to the DBU-5000, which offers a faster load speed than its predecessors. Manufactured by Gables Engineering, Coral Gables, Fla., the DBU-5000 will be designed to load all equipment and database types into Collins' FMS, using a USB drive. Visit

Testing Device

The ADSE 735 single-channel air data instrument is now available from Omicron. This device, which is intended for aircraft flying at low altitudes, is designed to test static pressure or total pressure, and particularly to check altimeters, airspeed, vertical speed and air data computers in business and private aircraft, helicopters and unmanned air vehicles. Visit

Mobile Weather

Commercial weather services provider DTN/Meteorlogix, Minneapolis, has launched MxVision WeatherSentry Mobile. Users can get radar, temperature, precipitation, wind speed and other weather information from their cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Updated weather forecasts are available on the hour. Visit

Freight Management

A new feature has been introduced on Lufthansa Systems' electronic logistics and warehouse information system (ELWIS). Users are now able to send invoices to airlines or other customers via e-mail instead of traditional paper invoices. The ELWIS upgrade was developed jointly with Lufthansa's biggest German customer, the Cologne/Bonn airport. Visit

Mini Accelerometer

Woodlyn, Pa.-based Columbia Research Laboratories now offers its Model SR-220RNP force balance angular accelerometer. Intended for small areas, the SR-220RNP is electrically damped and designed for rugged conditions. Visit

Flight Timer, DVD

Sporty's has released two new products for the cockpit--a flight timer and a training DVD covering the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. The timer can record total flight time, fuel burn or instrument approaches. Flying the Garmin G1000 now includes a section covering XM satellite weather. Visit

Processor Board

Radstone Embedded Computing has introduced the XtraPower PPCM2 6U VME Dual PowerPC processor. The PPCM2 features two independent 7448-based nodes, two StarFabric ports, two Ethernet ports and four serial ports. Visit

Refresher Course

Aviation Supplies & Academics, Newcastle, Wash., now provides its FAA-approved Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic, an 11-hour DVD course that also uses Internet-based evaluation and course tracking. Visit


Avionics Repair

Intermarket Insurance Agency has introduced AV-TEC Equipment Maintenance Management Solutions, a program to manage costs related to avionics equipment maintenance. Visit

Control Heads

Blue Sky Network has received FAA approval for its ACH1000, a satellite-based, panel-mounted control head for aircraft. Visit


Lattix Inc. has joined the Eclipse Foundation and will use its Lightweight Dependency Models (LDM) to formalize and control the architecture of Eclipse projects. Visit

Vibration Testing

Trace Laboratories has acquired an Unholtz-Dickie T2000 Series vibration test system, which can perform high-g vibration and mechanical shock tests. Visit


4G Roadmap and Emerging Communication Technologies, now available from Artech House, examines wired and wireless networks, telecommunications, Web services and other 4G topics. Visit

Record Keeping has released an upgraded version of its on-line recordkeeping service. Visit

Wire Cutters

Klein Tools of Chicago offers an insulated wire stripper/cutter for 8-16 AWG stranded wire. It is designed to protect users from up to 1,000 volts. Visit

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