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By | January 1, 2006
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Snythetic + Enhanced Vision

Kollsman plans to introduce an Enhanced Synthetic Vision System (ESViS) product, combining infrared (IR) inputs and database-derived terrain imagery, as early as 2007. The idea is to provide all-weather situational awareness. A prototype ESViS display, shown here, aligns the synthetic depiction with an IR overlay at the center of the primary flight display (PFD). ESViS is intended to reduce pilot workload by showing terrain, navigation and obstacle avoidance information intuitively in all phases of flight. Targeting business aviation customers in its initial push, Kollman will rely on Jeppesen terrain and obstacle databases. ESViS also will include a synthetic vision variable-zoom feature, accommodating the needs of pilots in different phases of flight. A 90-degree field of view could be provided en route, while a 45-to-60-degree field of view could be set for the terminal phase. Visit


Jewell Instruments, Manchester, N.H., offers its 0.5-to-4-g accelerometer for flight test applications. The LCM 100 provides 500-g shock resistance and p to 500-Hz bandwidth. Visit

Software Platforms

A family of development platforms for software defined radio and avionics applications has been announced by Green Hills Software. They include all the core software and documentation required to develop and deploy targeted devices. Visit

Ada Tools

AdaCore has announced a GNAT Pro plug-in for Wind River Systems' development framework. The Ada development and compilation tools are suited for applications running on Wind River's VxWorks real-time operating system. Visit

Data Logger

The new dataTaker DT80 data logger from Computer Aided Solutions, Chesterland, Ohio, is designed to accept USB memory sticks to transfer collected data to a PC or send programs to the logger. With RS232, Ethernet and USB ports, the unit stores up to 5 million data points. Visit


The second edition of Noise and Vibration Control Engineering is available from John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, N.J. Visit

Wire Stripper

Klein Tools has introduced the 8-inch-long Klein-Kurve insulated wire stripper/cutter for 10-to-18 solid and 12-to-20 stranded AWG wire, with shock protection. Visit

Satcom Terminal

EMS Technologies' EMS Satcom division has announced the eNfusion HSD-440 satcom terminal, which can simultaneously accommodate, not only cabin Internet and voice connections, but also critical cockpit voice and data services in a single unit. The product also enables electronic flight bag (EFB) and airborne communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) data channels. eNfusion is SwiftBroadband-ready and will be introduced in the second quarter of 2006. Visit

RVSM Display

The partnership of Corporate Aircraft Inc., Fresno, Calif., and AeroMech Inc., Everett, Wash., has selected Revue Thommen AG's Model AD32E reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) display for the pair's Cessna Conquest II (C-441) RVSM solution. Visit

Attitude Indicator

An electric attitude indicator and oxygen gauge from Mid-Continent Instruments of Wichita, Kan., will be included in the cockpit of Cessna's forthcoming Citation Mustang entry level business jet. The 4200 Series, 2-inch Mini Gyro is the first emergency attitude reference gyro to include a built-in backup battery, says Mid-Continent. The MD97-1 oxygen gauge is a legacy product that measures pressure in the standby tank in emergency situations. Visit

DC/DC Converter

A VME64 DC/DC converter card outputting up to 75 watts of power is available from North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia, N.Y. The 58KS1 operates at a temperature range of -40 degrees to 70 degrees C and plugs into a standard backplane. It takes a +5.0-volt DC input and provides a +3.3-volt DC output. The unit is designed to meet NAVSO P3641 guidelines and Mil-Std-461 requirements. Visit


Aeroflex Plainview, an Aeroflex Inc. unit in Plainview, N.Y., has added two MIPS microprocessors, the 450-MHz MIP7365 and the 750-MHz MIP7965. Offered in plastic packages, these products swell the ranks of the company's superscalar processor family. The MIP7365 (based on the E7000 core) and the MIP7965 (based on the E9000 core) represent a MIPS hierarchy with branch prediction, ECC on the L2 cache, and EJTAG enhancements, able to issue two instructions per processor cycle. (EJTAG stands for the Enhanced Joint Test Action Group.) Visit

High-Frequency Switch

Dow-Key Microwave, Ventura, Calif., has announced a 40-GHz SP6T switch with 2.9-mm connectors. The unit comes with a "normally open" actuator and can be fitted with coils for 12, 15, 24 and 28 volts. This switch family is aimed at automatic test equipment applications stressing reliability and phase and insertion loss repeatability. Visit

Software Radio Tool

A platform for software radio development compliant with the Software Communication Architecture (SCA) has been introduced by Pentek, Garden Grove, Calif. The SCA 2510 hardware includes a Pentek 7640 transceiver PCI card installed in a PC workstation that hosts the Linux operating system, development tools and the SCARI++ SCA core framework from Canada's Communications Research Centre. Visit

Mini Coupler

North Hills, Syosset, N.Y., has announced a subminiature Mil-Std 1553 coupler, measuring 1.34-by-1.2-by-0.4-inches and weighing less than 30 grams. The couplers are fitted with a mounting flange and are manufactured using North Hills transformers and Mil-R-39007 resistors. They come with 1-foot (0.3-m) lengths of Mil-C-17/176-00002 cable without connectors for in-line splicing. Custom lengths, as well as integrated, tested harness assemblies, are available. Visit


An impedance voltmeter from Trek, Medina, N.Y., enables contacting voltage measurements with minimal transfer of electric charge to or from the measured object. The Infinitron handheld probe features an input impedance (resistance of greater than 1016 ohm) and capacitance of less than 10 -15 Farad. The unit provides a measurement range of 0 to +/- 100 volts DC or peak AC at +/- 0.1 percent accuracy. Visit

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