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By | July 1, 2003
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Multihazard Display

Ryan International, Columbus, Ohio, offers what it claims is the aviation industry’s first display dedicated solely to presenting hazard information. The color, 3 ATI (air transport indicator) liquid crystal display is designed for use with the Ryan 9900BX traffic advisory system and to show three types of hazard information–traffic, terrain and weather–at one time, using multiview mode technology. Traffic display information can be selected in ranges from 1 to over 24 miles. Ryan International’s intent is to make data on potential hazards easy to read and interpret, thus enhancing the pilot’s situational awareness and reducing the workload. The pilot can switch between primary images by pushing a single button. The display includes a side connector, which allows upgrades without removing the display from the panel. Visit www.ryaninternational.com.


IR Camera Cores

The IR Imaging Systems (IRIS) business sector of BAE Systems, in Lexington, Mass., has launched its SCC500 series of infrared (IR) camera cores with a new processing architecture. Departing from the digital signal processing trend, IRIS combines IR-specific video processing hardware with an upgradeable, general-purpose control processor that runs a commercial real-time operating system. The SCC500 series is IRIS’ first family of IR camera cores based on common electronics and mechanical interfaces for different resolutions–160 X 120 (SCC500L) and 320 X 240 (SCC500H). The reconfigurable, interchangeable camera cores were designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are developing unmanned vehicles and other platforms used for surveillance. Visit www.iews.na.baesystems.com.


PMC Card

A new 16-channel PMC (PCIbus mezzanine card) for ARINC 429 avionics has been introduced by AIM GmbH. The AMC429-x employs AIM’s common core hardware design for test, simulation and monitoring applications on up to 16 channels concurrently, using two on-board, 400-MHz, Intel RISC (reduced instruction set computer) processors. The processors have 4 megabytes of Global RAM (random access memory) and 64 megabytes of ASP (application support processor) RAM. An optional conduction-cooled version of the AMC429-x also is available for embedded applications. The PMC card comes with a full-function, application programming interface (API) and drivers compatible with Windows, Linux, LynxOS and VxWorks. Visit www.aim-online.com.

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