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By | December 1, 2001
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Digital Transceiver
Park Air Systems
has introduced a new digital radio for the air traffic control (ATC) market. Designated the T6TR, the 50-watt multimode transceiver operates in the VHF aviation band, 118 to 137 MHz. (The product was launched after the Federal Aviation Administration selected Park Air to provide future VHF technology.) The T6TR will support analog modes of operation, as well as ICAO-defined VHF data link (VDL) modes 2 and 3. It shares the same architecture of Park Air’s T6T transmitter and T6R receiver. The T6TR was designed to be compact for either desk or rack-mount operations. For more information, visit .

Shut-Off Switch
A new engine/auxiliary power unit (APU) fire shut-off switch has been developed by Janco Corp., Burbank, Calif. It incorporates two rotary mechanisms: a seven-pole, double-throw rotary selector switch for linear actuation, and a two- or three-pole, double-throw rotary power switch for the rotary actuation. Packaged in an aluminum enclosure, the shut-off switch comes with either an incandescent lamp or light emitting diode (LED) illumination (depending on the application) embedded in the handle. Visit

ARINC 429 Mezzanine Card
Data Device Corp
., Newbury, England, has introduced its new DD-4291613 PCI mezzanine card, which analyzes and simulates ARINC 429 data to and from aircraft electronic systems. Each of the card’s 16 channels can be programmed for either the receive or transmit mode on the ARINC 429 data bus. It supports high-speed data rates on all channels simultaneously, as well as engineering unit conversion and wraparound self-testing for each channel. Visit

Digital-to-Analog Converter
San Diego-based Maxwell Technologies Inc. has introduced a new 12-bit complementary metal oxide semiconductor- (CMOS) buffered digital-to-analog converter with internal data latches. The Model 7454ARP was designed to interface to a wide range of 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors. Suitable for single-supply operation in a wide range of temperatures, the 7454ARP utilizes the company’s radiation-shielding technology, called Rad-Pak. Visit

Wiring Analyzer
The Peak Group
, in Letchworth Garden City, UK, is the sole provider of the new RWA 1500 wiring analyzer from Cabletest Systems. The analyzer was designed for use in harsh environments, which means it is shock-resistant and weatherproofed. In addition, the carrying case for the RWA 1500 includes an automatic air pressure equalization valve for use in high altitude. Battery power is available for 12, 24 or 28 volt DC testing. Visit

Engine Indicator
WECO Aerospace Systems Inc.
, Lincoln, Calif., has announced that it now offers a replacement engine indicator produced by Diamond J Inc. The indicators are designed to replace the 20-year-old equipment in the about 450 Hawker aircraft powered by TFE731 engines. Including both a digital and analog display, the new indicator has a microprocessor-driven stepper motor design, which means it does not need to be recalibrated or adjusted. WECO Aerospace Systems is a repair station; Diamond J is based in Wichita, Kan. Visit For more information on Diamond J, phone 316-264-0600.

System Chassis
Tracewell Systems Inc.
, Westerville, Ohio, recently introduced a series of system chassis products based on interconnect boards that allow the integration of a full-size PCI mezzanine card (PMC), two external PMC sites and one embedded PMC/PCI slot. They are designed for the creation of space-efficient, rack-mounted computer packages. Tracewell’s multinode chassis was designed to provide up to 20 percent more computing capability. The company’s single-node system offers high-density computing in a self-contained 1U chassis. Visit

Waveform/Vector Monitor
Leader Instruments Corp.
, Cypress, Calif., now offers a multiformat waveform/vector monitor with white phosphor cathode ray tube (CFT) display. The LV 5152 provides analog component monitoring for six of the SD/HD raster formats currently being considered in the United States and three being considered in Europe. The LV 5152 accepts two three-wire inputs in YPbPr or GBR form. It provides waveform monitoring in overlay, parade and timing (bowtie) modes, as well as component vectorscope and picture displays. Visit

Fibre Channel Bus Adapters
Two companies, SBS Technologies and Systran Corp., have introduced new fibre channel host adaptors (HBAs).

SBS developed two new 2-gigabit (Gbit) HBAs: the FC23-PMC-1C, which features one copper interface via a high-speed serial data connector port, and the FC23-PMC-1F, which provides one fiber port that supports multimode LC duplex, fiber optic cable. The two 64-bit/66MHz PCI mezzanine cards support 400 megabits per second (Mb/sec) full-duplex and 200 Mb/sec half-duplex data transfer rates. They automatically negotiate on 1 and 2 Gbit/sec fibre channel bit rates.

Meanwhile, Systran Corp. now offers its new series of host bus adapters, called the FibreXpress FX200, developed for the 2.125-Gbit/sec transfer of fibre channel. It enables an American National Standards Institute standard fibre channel network to support data transfers exceeding 200 Mbits/sec. Equipped with a multiprotocol software driver, the FX200 is compatible across differing backplanes and operating systems. The driver combines the functionality of Internet protocol, file system SCSI (small computer systems interface), raw initiator SCSI and lightweight protocol. Visit and .

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