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By | October 1, 2001
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TTI Inc., Williston, Vt., has introduced the BetaFLEX calibrator with mix-and-match input/output modules. Loaded into two bays at the base of the unit, the modules provide both measurement and simulation capabilities. Each plug-in device is a parameter/range-specific calibrator. TTI provides a selection of DC voltage and current, temperature resistance temperature device (RTD) or thermocouple frequency and pressure modules.

BetaFLEX also automatically documents calibrations as they are conducted, creating or updating a plant instrument database, TTI says. The tool interfaces with calibration software such as MasterCAL, Cornerstone, Honeywell Documint and Fisher Rosemount AMS, plus other programs using the Field Calibrator Interface standard.

TTI’s new BetaGauge II pressure calibrator offers pressure accuracy of 0.025 percent full-scale and an electrical accuracy of +/- 0.01 percent. Features include minimum/maximum measurement memory and percent error display. BetaGauge II is a two-channel, multirange device, rather than a dedicated tool. Standard accessories include English-language calibrator, standard voltage/current input module, external NiCad battery pack, a set of test leads, trickle charger, instruction manual, carrying case and a 9-pin D shell to 9-pin D shell serial cable. Call 800-235-8367 or visit

Multifunction Calibrator

CALYS 10, a new multifunction calibrator and tester from the French firm AOIP is available through the Instrumentation Group, Asheville, N.C. The rugged, handheld unit’s features include measurement and simulation of current, temperature, DC voltage and resistance. It is suitable for control calibration, onsite maintenance of temperature sensors, controllers, converters, regulation, valves, indicators, panel meters, transmitters, recorders and other process loop devices. The unit’s LCL CAL 10 software allows custom configuration and programming and provides data management set-point profiles and report generation modules. Call 800-421-2853 or 828-658-3131, or visit

GPS Roll Steering

UPS Aviation Technologies (UPSAT), Salem, Ore., plans to upgrade its GX-series GPS navigators to enable the output of GPS steering (GPSS) commands to S-TEC autopilots. GPSS roll steering commands permit the autopilot automatically to follow the flight plan entered in the GPS navigator, UPSAT says. The GPSS feature anticipates turns and commands the autopilot to vary the rate of turn to meet navigation requirements. The GPSS roll steering option will be available on GX-series navigators only, according to the company. However, UPS Aviation Technologies plans to add interfaces to other autopilots, as well. Owners of GX-series navigators who are part of the company’s database subscription program can receive the upgrade for $295. Those not enrolled in that program will pay $395 for the upgrade plus an updated navigation database. Call 503-391-3421 or visit

Fiber Optic Connectors

UK connector maker Deutsch Ltd. has unveiled a line of Ruggedised Singleway Connectors (RSCs) for fiber optic systems. Produced using the alloy "arcap" to enhance corrosion resistance, RSC connectors boast rugged construction, including an environmental sealing and anti-vibration coupling mechanism. The optical contact is common to both the plug and the receptacle in order to preserve physical contact under conditions of severe shock or vibration. The connectors are appropriate for single-mode and multimode applications and provide easy access to fiber faces for cleaning. The RSC line offers six alternative shell keyway orientations, protecting against inadvertent mismating, Deutsch says. Call 44-1424-852721 or visit

Clamp Meters

The new Fluke Corp. 330-series clamp meters–including the 333,334,335, 336 and 337 model–incorporate a compact body and jaws that can accommodate large conductors; meter controls that can be operated with one-hand; a large, backlit display; and automatic shut-off to maximize battery life. The unit also provides input protection from voltage spikes as high as 12 kilovolts (kV). The new products are the first clamp meters incorporating an integrated circuit/software system designed specifically for clamp meters, Fluke claims. According to the Everett, Wash., company, the ergonomic body design is intended to allow technicians to more easily conduct tests in cramped spaces. With a three-year, limited warranty, units range in price from $119 to $299. Call 888-492-7542, 425-446-5116, or visit

Aerospace Portal

TRW Aeronautical Systems has launched an e-business portal, AeroVantix (, using Izodia’s InTrade technology as the platform. Available to all TRW Aeronautical Systems’ customers on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week (24/7) basis, the portal provides benefits, such as reduced time to market for new products, a collaborative environment and a simplified business process, enabling reduced lead times and costs.

  • More specifically, AeroVantix provides:

  • Collaborative engineering;

  • Collaborative product development and program management tools;

  • Supply chain management;

  • 24/7 spares order processing;

  • One-stop repair shop to airlines worldwide;

  • Direct-buy side transactions, enabling data-driven procurement decision-making;

  • Indirect-buy side transactions including catalog buying;

  • Office support and workflow controls;

  • Multilingual, multicurrency standards; and

  • Electronic interfaces, including XML.


Hall-Effect Switch

Electro-Mech Components, South El Monte, Calif., has introduced a Hall-effect pushbutton switch, the SW44158. The switch is operated electronically, rather than manually, assuring a rated life of 500,000 actuations, minimum, the company says. The component fits a wide range of applications, including high-density avionics displays and controls. The SW44158 weighs less than 1 ounce (28 grams) and measures 0.62 square inches (4 square centimeters). The switch requires a 3.8-volt-minimum supply voltage and 5-milliamp (mA) maximum supply current. Call 714-529-2527 or check

Short Finder

The SF-10 electronic short finder, a new tool from Wavetek Meterman, Everett, Wash., is designed to simplify the location of short circuits on printed circuit cards. Traditionally, shorts are difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot, as technicians probe each card test point. The SF-10, however, allows many test points to be covered in a single sweep, isolating a suspected short to a small area on the board. Then the technician can use the tool’s probe point to indicate affected components. SF-10 lists at $39.95 and is backed by an "instant warranty" that eliminates shipping, claims forms and waiting, Wavetek Meterman says. Call 877-596-2680 or visit


Artex Aircraft Supplies Inc., Canby, Ore., has received authorization from Germany’s Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) to import Artex C406-2 and C406-2HM emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) under JAR-21 and JTSO-2C126. The C406-2 is designed for fixed-wing aircraft and the C-406-2HM, for rotary-wing aircraft. The latter employs a proprietary, 6-axis "G-switch" system, enabling activation on all potential directions of impact, the company says. Artex has applied to include the Boeing B406-4 ELT configuration and ELT-to-Nav Interface as part of the JTSO authorization. The Boeing technology allows the ELT to be updated in real time with position information from the aircraft’s navigation system and to be automatically updated with the 24-bit aircraft identification code. For more information, phone 503-678-7929 or e-mail [email protected].

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