EF Series Switch
Janco Corp. has completed the design and testing of a new triple concentric shaft micro miniature rotary EF switch. It has three concentric shafts to control three separate but related electrical functions. The two outer shafts control two rotary decks, and the inner shaft is a momentary push function. The switch is tested to exceed 250,000 cycles. For additional information, phone 818-846-1800 or direct e-mail to [email protected].

Fan Filter
EMTEQ Inc. has developed a new fan filter to accompany its current line of ARINC trays that require box cooling. This product was designed to reduce cost and enhance safety and the life expectancy of the avionics system. This disposable filter’s features include: use of FAA approved materials; quick release cap; large depth and surface area; lightweight; no need to remove LRU, plenum or tray; collects contaminating materials; and ease of use. For more on this, visit www.emteq.com.

HF RF Resistors
State of the Art Inc. of State College, Pa., has introduced a new line of high frequency RF chip resistors. Called the RF Series, these compact, lightweight resistors are designed for RF and microwave applications. The resistors are offered with single surface or wrap-around terminations and a variety of termination materials for solder mount, epoxy bond, or wire bond applications. Construction material consists of either an alumina or beryllia body with a proprietary resistor element for optimum performance. The devices are optimized for 50 ohm characteristic impedance using techniques to reduce voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). Power rating for the RF Series ranges from 50 milliwatts to 200 watts, with a low return loss up to 20 GHz. Visit www.resistor.com for details.

Multicomputer System
Sky Computers Inc., an Analogic Corp. subsidiary, in April released its Xtreme family of multicomputer systems. The systems are based upon the company’s AltiVec PowerPC-based Merlin multicomputer. The family provides extended temperature, shock, vibration and humidity ranges of SKY’s Merlin and opens up additional applications of the product in the worldwide military and defense markets. Applications include airborne radar and electronic warfare, S-3 tactical jets, and various avionics tactical operations. Details are available at www.skycomputers.com.

Ethernet Boards
SBS Technologies Inc. has expanded its family of PMC gigabit ethernet products with the addition of two more boards: the PMC-Gigabit-DTX and the PMC-Gigabit-DFX. One board offers dual 1000BaseT capability and the other offers multi-mode fiber-optic technology. Both products double the density of gigabit ethernet ports and increase performance over the existing family of PMC products, including the PMC-Gigabit-SF and PMC-Gigabit-ST. The PMC-Gigabit-DTX and -DFX includes 64 kilobytes of FIFO (first in, first out) buffer memory per port, allowing back-to-back transmissions with minimum interface latency. Visit www.sbs.com.

Flexible Borescope
AngioLaz Inc. of Bellows Falls, Vt., is offering the Inspecta-VU PV-1 handheld, high-resolution, flexible borescopic system for visual inspections. The scope provides a bright, clear image of otherwise out-of-sight areas. The illuminator and rechargeable battery are built into the handle for more than an hour’s use on a single charge. The image is created with a high-resolution fiber-optic image bundle and the same type of magnification found in an optical microscope. The PV-1 assembly includes the unit and battery-charging power supply (U.S. compatible unless other is specified upon order) in a carrying case. For information, phone 800-3409083, ext. 234, or see www.angiolaz.com.

Crystal Oscillators
Fox Electronics has introduced the compact Fox307 Series of TCXOs for portable and wireless applications. The new temperature-controlled crystal oscillators match the smaller industry standard footprint required for portable and wireless equipment. The Fox307 Series measures 7-by-5 mm, has a 1.9-meter-high profile, and utilizes the industry’s standard pinout configuration. The Fox307H has a frequency range of 2.8 MHz to 20 MHz, with frequency stability at � 2.5 ppm over the operating temperature range of -30�C to +85�C. For additional information, visit www.foxonline.com.

Electronic Flight Instruments
Universal Avionics Systems Corp. has received Technical Standard Order (TSO C-4c, C5e, C6d, C113) authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for the EFI-550 and EFI-640 flat panel electronic flight instruments (EFIs). These are the newest cockpit instrument approved in Universal Avionics’ line of flat panel integrated displays . They incorporate ruggedized color LCD (liquid crystal display) technology that are sunlight readable, wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles, high contrast, and advantages in size, weight, cooling and reliability. The EFIs are being marketed for forward and retrofit applications. Displays can accommodate inputs directly from various analog and digital sources without external symbol generators or switching arrays. Variable-range HSI (horizontal situation indicator) compass rose/map display functions will include flight management system data, navigation sensor inputs, heading bugs, TCAS (traffic alert collision avoidance system), weather and lightning. The displays will also accommodate software upgrades for other situational-awareness-enhancing display capabilities evolving as part of the CNS/ATM free flight environment. Phone 800-321-5253 or 520-295-2300.

Instrument Flying Handbook
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s new Instrument Flying Handbook (Advisory Circular 61-27C) is now available through Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc. for a list price of $24.95. The book covers both aeronautical knowledge and skill for operating in instrument meteorological conditions. The new book replaces the AC 61-27C, which was last updated in 1980. Phone 800-ASA-2-FLY or visit www.asa2fly.com for details.

Communications PMC
Radstone Technology recently released the PMCQ1, a communication PMC that complements the company’s existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VME range of products. The PMCQ1 is the latest member of the EmPower family of communications boards. Used in stand-alone EmPower configurations or in conjunction with one of Radstone’s market leading PPCx PowerPC SBCs the PMCQ1 offers an adaptable range of solutions for rugged communications applications. It features a Motorola QUICC device, providing four high-speed sync/async serial channels, plus an optional DDC Enhanced Mini-ACE, which offers a single-channel dual-redundant Mil-Std-1553 interface. This combination of features is identical to the communications subset on the company’s EP1A-8240 SBC, the premier member of the EmPower family. For more on Radstone and its products, see www.radstone.com.

Audio Amplifier
DPI Labs claims to have introduced the "world’s first 600-watt, multi-configurable audio amplifier," for one, two and three-cabin planes or corporate helicopters. The MS3006 audio amplifier, with interchangeable I/O connectors and six independent audio channels of 100-watts each, can take the place of up to three high-end amplifiers, thus saving up-front costs and conserving space and fuel. The MS3006 audio amplifier’s configurable connectors are ready for all typical configurations, including single cabin 5+1 surround sound, dual cabins with right and left stereo plus subwoofer in each cabin, or three cabins with right and left stereo in each cabin. Six swappable channels provide added redundancy, ensuring that VIPs or business customers are supplied with properly amplified, superior music or audio at all times. Phone 909-392-5777 or visit www.dpilabs.com.

Optical Links
Stratos Lightwave LLC has introduced a new line of small form factor (SFF) 4-channel optical links for communication applications. The line was designed to satisfy the growing demand for higher-density optical solutions in the increasingly crowded and more complex networking and telecommunications equipment space. These four-channel (quad) devices place four transmitters, four receivers or any combination of transmitters and receivers that totals to four, in a package double the width of a standard SFF LC transceiver. One anticipated application for the new Stratos four-channel links is providing high-performance, VSR (very short reach) optical communications, such as those found in rack-to-rack or backbone environments in private networks, or in routers and switches handling a mix of SONET and IP traffic over distances of 300 meters (1000 feet) or less. Visit www.stratoslightwave.com on the Web.

Epoxy Adhesive
Tra-Con Inc. has incorporated diamonds, the world’s hardest stone, into Supertherm 2005, a thermally conductive adhesive. This diamond-filled epoxy is recommended for semiconductor die attach and other micro electronic applications requiring high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation over a wide temperature range. The adhesive was designed for chip type electronic or surface mounted components in printed, integrated and hybrid circuits. Phone 800-TRA-CON1 or visit www.tra-con.com for more information.

Linear Accelerometers
Columbia Research Laboratories Inc. has announced a precision miniature force balance linear accelerometer for operation from +24 to +32 volts DC aircraft power. The accelerometer is available in single-axis (SA-102MFTA) and tri-axial (SA-302-MFTA) configurations. The output signal and loop design make the product appropriate for airborne telemetry applications. The signal output is compatible with most airborne VCOs and signal processing systems. The HP torque system incorporated in the SA-102MFTA provides reliability in the vibration and shock environments of aircraft and missile flight. For further information, phone 610-872-3900 or visit www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

Hyperscope Transceiver
Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc., a unit of Rockwell Collins, has introduced the Hyperscope transceiver for free space optical communications. Applications include "last mile" network solutions or areas where optical fiber cannot be laid. The device uses a traditional primary reflector but also a proprietary secondary reflector that is highly transmissive to incident radiation, yet reflective to internal radiation. The combination produces a compact and fast telescope. The Hyperscope is lightweight, and scalable. Phone 760-438-9255 or visit www.collins.rockwell.com for further details.

Wireless Data Acquisition Net
Endevco Corp. has released the Model 5860 MicroWIS RF wireless data acquisition network designed for aerospace test and monitoring applications. The system measures and transmits temperature data via a wireless link to a receiver plugged into the RS-232 port of a personal computer. The receiver works with up to 32 Model 5010 temperature transmitter units, which can be programmed with sample rates from 1 sample-per-second to 1 sample-per-hour. RF communication range is up to 100 feet (30 meters) indoors (no line of sight) and 200 feet (60 meters) outdoors (line of sight). Transmitters are designed for low-power applications (7mA in active mode and less than 2 microA in standby mode). This allows for battery life of up to a year at a 1 sample-per-minute rate. The network transmits up to 64 channels of programmable temperature data to the host PC. Phone 949-493-8181 or direct e-mail to [email protected] for details.

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