Signal Conditioner Amplifier

Hades Manufacturing Corp., Farmingdale, N.Y., has introduced a ruggedized thermocouple, signal conditioner amplifier, constructed to meet Mil-E-5400 environmental standards. The Model NCA150 has isolated input/output power and was designed to emit low noise and require low power consumption. It offers short-circuit protection and high accuracy over an ambient temperature range of -40� to 85� C. For more information, phone 631-249-4244 or fax 631-249-1618.

FMS 3000 on Meghas

Thales Avionics has upgraded its Meghas system by introducing the FMS 3000 flight management system. Thales announced the increased capabilities of Meghas during Heli-Expo 2001, at Anaheim, Calif. The new FMS 3000 for helicopters is an integrated system, which, used in conjunction with the basic Meghas system, extends the range of helicopter missions. The modular concept of the navigation module and the digital map module is fitted in the Pelican rack. Meghas, developed jointly by Thales Avionics and Sfim Industries (SAGEM), handles autopilot, guidance and navigation, engine and vehicle control, and on-board maintenance for rotorcraft. The system supports VFR, IFR, single-pilot, and dual-pilot configurations and complies with international regulations. See for more information.

Laser Diode Test System

Racal Instruments’ Broadband Group recently introduced its newest laser diode burn-in and reliability test system, the Photonics ET-48. It allows the user to subject complete packaged laser diode assemblies, including output fibers and connectors, to various test temperatures while monitoring operational test parameters. The ET-48, which comes in a 48-channel configuration, also allows the user to monitor forward current and voltage, front facet optical output, photodiode output, TEC voltage and current, and device thermistor temperatures. For more information, visit

110 VAC Unit

KID-Systeme GmbH has expanded its product spectrum with its newest member of the SKYpower family: the 110-volt AC outlet unit. The new unit has a small body (1.58-by-1.58-by-1.18 inches) and flat frontplates, and weighs approximately 1.4 ounces. It was developed for use in restricted installation areas like economy class, but can also be used for business or premium class seats. KID says the new 110-VAC outlet will maintain its proven in-service reliability. Outlet body and frontplates can be used separately, thus presenting the opportunity for individual design adaptations. For additional information, refer to, or contact Julia Bach at (49) 40-743-712-45.

Subminiature D Connectors

Tyco Electronics now offers its Ultra-Lite Amplimite connectors, which are made of brass and designed to reduce connector weight by up to 24%. The Harrisburg, Pa.-based company claims this Subminiature D connector can tolerate temperatures ranging from -55� to 125� C. The aluminum shell increases shielding effectiveness. For more information, visit

GPIB/Ethernet Module

National Instruments has developed a combination GPIB (general purpose instrument bus) and Ethernet combination module for the PXI/Compact PCI. This allows users to receive the same performance as an NI PXI-GPIB interface and a 100BaseTX Ethernet module. Intel developed the Ethernet chip. Visit

Multirole Radar

Telephonics Corp. introduced at the 2001 Heli-Expo its RDR-1600 search-and-rescue and weather-avoidance radar. Compatible with integrated flight decks, including "glass" cockpits, the RDR-1600 was designed to be light weight and use low power. It has 10 kW peak power, as well as built-in test circuitry. The radar offers the following capabilities: weather detection/target alert, surveillance, beacon tracking, normal and precise ground mapping, and oil-slick detection and mapping. The RDR-1600 will interface with ARINC 429 and 453. Visit

NVIS Optical Filter

Eaton Aerospace is now offering its NVIS Clear Windows optical filter, used to make instruments, displays and light sources night vision goggle (NVG) compatible. The filter converts incandescent, LED, EL, fluorescent, color or monochromatic CRT’s and LCD’s to NVG compatible with minimal color shift in day and nighttime operations. Advantages include no internal modifications to most instruments, no instrument recertification, and no need for removal during daytime operations. The filter will work with virtually any light source found in the cockpit or on ground-based equipment. For more information, visit or phone George Teets at 949-722-4423.

Piezoelectric Accelerometers

Endevco Corp. announced the release of four new piezoelectric accelerometers: models 525 and 528, respectively configured in TO-5 and TO-8 packages; and models 515 and 518, miniature piezoelectric accelerometers configured in TO-5 and TO-8 packages. As a low-impedance piezoelectric device, models 525 and 528 offer a wide frequency response, wide bandwidth, high shock survivability and low noise. Dynamic range of the Model 525 is �50, �100 or �500 Gs, while the Model 528 offers dynamic range of �5, �25, and �50 Gs. Amplitude response is 0.5 to 12,000 Hz for Model 525, and 0.5 to 10,000 for Model 528. Output of the Model 515 is 10 pC/g, and 100 pC/g for the Model 518. Amplitude response is 0.05 to 12,000 Hz for Model 515, and 1 to 7,000 Hz for Model 518. For more information, see, or phone 949-493-8181.

SMP Coaxial Connector Series

Sabritec has introduced a complete SMP coaxial connector series, featuring a snap-in vibration proof connection, suitable for high-shock mobile applications and space level connector requirements of extreme random vibration, thermal shock and outgassing environments. The frequency range is DC-40 GHz with low VSWR and insertion loss (dB) parameters of 0.10 dB max. The small package size allows for high-density board-to-board applications. Blind mate SMP connectors are available in smooth bore for maximum float of mating (0.015-inch radial axial misalignment between mating planes). The full and limited detent SMP connections are suitable for mobile applications, with extreme shock and vibration requirements. For more information, visit, or contact Mike Carlson at 949-250-1244.

Vertical Reference System

BFGoodrich now offers its VRS-3000 vertical reference system for installation on helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and drones. With no moving parts, it was designed to outlast the traditional electro-mechanical gyros. The VRS-3000 uses solid-state rate and level sensors, and provides attitude, body rates, inertial pitch and roll rates, and acceleration outputs in ARINC 429 digital format. For more information, visit

Multimode LVD ultra-160

The dataMate unit of Methode Electronics Inc. has launched what the company claims is the industry’s first, full multimode low-voltage differential (LVD) ultra-160 SCSI repeater/converter. Designed for operation at an SCSI speed of 160 megabytes per second (Mbytes/sec), this device extends the maximum allowable distance of a SCSI bus, making it easier to connect and configure SCSI systems. This repeater/converter also permits the connection of older, single-ended SCSI devices to a state-of-the-art, high-performance LVD ultra-160 SCSI bus–without degrading the performance of the ultra-160 SCSI devices on the bus. This SCSI repeater/converter comes with an AC power adapter and is fitted with two female SCSI connectors for easy integration between two SCSI buses. For further information, visit

Nuclear Protection

A family of nuclear event detectors that will protect electronic systems in case of a nuclear blast is now being made by Micro Circuit Engineering (MCE) under license from Matra Bae Dynamics. The device reacts to even low-level nuclear events and switches off the power to electronic circuits in time to prevent damage from an electro-magnetic pulse. Visit

Thermally Conductive Adhesive

Tra-Con Inc., Bedford, Mass., now offers its new line of thermally conductive adhesives. Called Tra-Bond 2255, the new adhesive was designed for high-temerature aerospace applications. It bonds to alumina, porcelain, beryllia, ceramics, glass, plastics, laminates and most metals. Visit

Capacitance Meter

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the Agilent 4288A capacitance meter for high-speed testing of ceramic capacitors on the production line. The Agilent 4288A is a small, light-weight capacitance meter. It delivers high throughput and high measurement accuracy, and is 30% faster than the Agilent 4278A, the company says. The Agilent 4288A, successor to the Agilent 4278A, is designed to address the needs of capacitor manufacturers for testing greater numbers of devices in less time with improved accuracy. The new instrument increases basic capacitance measurement accuracy to 0.07% at both 1 KHz and 1 MHz measurement frequencies, versus the 0.10% at 1 KHz and 0.12% at 1 MHz achieved by the Agilent 4278A. The 4288A is priced at $9,900. For sales information, visit, or phone 800-452-4844, ext. 7391.

Engine Monitoring

Jet-Care International, Cedar Knolls, N.J., has introduced an on-line aircraft engine monitoring software package called ECHO (Engine Condition Health Online). With ECHO, the company can quickly alert a customer of early signs of an engine problem. In turn, the operators will be contacted by phone or fax. Incidentally, Jet-Care has just opened an aircraft engine condition trend-monitoring laboratory in Basel, Switzerland. For more information, visit

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