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By | April 1, 2000
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Moving Map Displays

Becker Avionics Inc. has released two new versions of its AirScout GPS-based moving map product line. The Voyager II is a single block system and includes a 12-channel GPS. The Executive II features a split design and combines an extremely flat display with a powerful processing unit. The Voyager II displays the aircraft position on standard sectionals and the VFR/IFR flight-planning chart via a full color sunlight readable display. The Executive II has a 12 channel GPS with a high update rate that makes the system suitable for agile helicopters and fast jets. Contact Victoria Orjuela at 305-597-0069, or visit

MX20 Display

UPS Aviation Technologies received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for its MX20 multifunction display. It advises pilots if their aircraft strays too close to terrain and illustrates the aircraft’s route of flight in relation to the ground, weather and other traffic. The MX20 has an open architecture design that enables pilots to display Stormscope data, weather uplinks, traffic information and flight information services. UPS boasts that the MX20 is the only multifunction display certified to show automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) traffic reports. See on the Web.

Flightmax 850

Avidyne Corp., Lincoln, Mass., has unveiled the FlightMax 850, a flight situation display (FSDs) for business and commercial aviation. FlightMax 850 replaces aging CRT-based radar indicators and can integrate the enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS), traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS), Stormscope and navigational data. FlightMax 850 interfaces with Collins WXR 250/270/270A/300 and Bendix RDR 1100, 1200 and 1300 radar systems. Contact Avidyne at 1-800-AVIDYNE (800-284-3963) or visit on the Web.

ACT4419D Transceiver

Aeroflex Circuit Technology has developed the ACT4419D, a 5-volt dual variable amplitude transceiver that meets the requirements of Mil-Std-1553 and Mil-Std-1760. At 0.3-inch-by-1.2-inches, the ACT4419D is the smallest footprint available and at 250 megawatts has the lowest standby power, the company says. For more information, visit theAeroflex Circuit Website at

GPS 600 Antenna

GPS manufacturer NovAtel Inc. has introduced its GPS 600 series antenna, the first dual frequency antenna to achieve less than 1 mm offset between L1 and L2 phase centers without the air of a choke ring. NovAtel replaced conventional patch antenna designs with its Pinwheel Technology–an aperture coupled slot array configuration. The antenna is portable because of its compact size: 6.5 inches and 600 grams in weight. See on the Web.

EMC Compliance Kit

Methode Development Co., a subsidiary of Methode Electronics Inc., offers its new EMC compliance kit, which contains a variety of EMC shrinkMate heat shrink tubing. The kit allows EMC testing facilities to quickly construct connector and cable assemblies with a high degree of EMI/RFI and ESD shielding. The Mil-Std R-46846 heat shrink polyolefin tubing is coated on the inside with Methode’s Polymer Thick Film silver ink. For additional information, visit

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