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Elbit, Northrop Grumman Collaborate on Terrain Avoidance System

By | October 10, 2012

Elbit Systems and Northrop Grumman are collaborating to develop a terrain following and terrain avoidance (TF/TA) system.

(Terrain following C-130)

The TF/TA system is a combination of the Elbit Systems TF/TA head-up display (HUD) application and Northrop Grumman’s AN/APN-241 for an avionics upgrade on C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

According to Elbit, an undisclosed international customer is expected to fly a C-130 with the TF/TA HUD demonstrator within the upcoming year.

“Implemented as part of a 'Glass Cockpit' concept, the system is positioned as a competitive and attractive enhancement for C-130 modernization and upgrading,” said Elbit in a statement.

(Elbit Terrain following C-130)

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