Trend: Connectivity

Satcom Direct Installs Prototype Ka-Band Antenna for Testing, Validation

Satcom Direct installed the first Plane Simple Ka-band antenna on an SD Gulfstream G550. The Ka-band antenna is a prototype terminal, the second in the SD Plane Simple antenna series, […]

PODCAST: Intelsat’s John Wade Talks Future of Software-defined Satellites and In-flight Connectivity

On this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast, we feature a sponsored interview with Intelsat. John Wade, president of the commercial aviation division of Intelsat, joins the episode to […]

Inmarsat CTO Talks Impact of Future GEO-LEO-5G Network for Aviation

Inmarsat recently unveiled its plans to establish Orchestra, a future communications configuration that will combine existing geosynchronous (GEO) satellites with low earth orbit satellites (LEO) and terrestrial 5G into an […]

Alphabet Shutters Loon Venture

Alphabet, parent company of Google, is shutting down Loon, its subsidiary dedicated to providing broadband from balloons in the stratosphere. Loon CEO Alastair Westgarth announced the news in a Medium blog post on Jan. […]

Will the 5G FAST Plan Lead to Spectrum Issues for Aircraft?

The demand for 5G technologies that boast improved speed and reduced latency is quickly growing. In response to this demand, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is pursuing the Facilitate America’s […]

Free Internet is a Must: El Al Airlines Tal Kalderon Talks IFC and Airline COVID-19 Recovery

El Al Airlines is the national airline of Israel, and has been running strong since 1948. But with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every corner of the world, the airline — […]

SpaceX Undertakes Review of Systems, Including Avionics, for Assured Launch

SpaceX is undertaking a system-wide review of Falcon 9 rocket to help ensure that the company can meet its goal of assured, more affordable access to space. The review came […]

Aerion Makes Supersonic Avionics, Connectivity Progress for AS2

New design progress and supplier agreements for avionics, flight controls and connectivity have the AS2 supersonic business jet on track for type certification by the mid to late 2020s, Aerion […]

Loon Outlines Future Vision of More AI-Powered HAPS Connecting Remote Internet Users

Alphabet’s Loon is already providing its High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) commercial internet services to Kenya, and the company’s continued expansion of its autonomous balloon network at 60,000 feet will […]

Compatibility and Standards Key to Introducing New Aviation Spectrum Applications in US

The introduction of new wireless applications and services for communications, navigation and surveillance on aircraft flying within U.S. airspace will require some unique decision-making and collaborative spectrum sharing and re-purposing […]