The acting Chief Commercial Officer of SAS discusses the latest updates from the airline, including the launch of new routes and a redesigned app. (Photos: SAS)

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has made recent updates that demonstrate its commitment to providing seamless journeys for travelers. With new routes and a revamped app, the airline continues to prioritize the customer experience. Thérèse Lorenius, Acting Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of SAS, shared her insights on these updates in an interview with Avionics International, highlighting the airline’s efforts to meet the increasing demands of travelers and deliver an unparalleled travel experience.

Thérèse Lorenius emphasizes the expansion of SAS’s route network, stating, “In February, we introduced a new route between Copenhagen and JFK. We know that having an attractive network or timetable is key for customers when choosing airlines. We’re super pleased to launch this route, as it meets customer demands. It enables our customers to travel easily both from the west and east side of New York, so it’s complementary to our current departures from Scandinavia to Newark.”

Additionally, Lorenius shared, “We’ve also in April launched two new routes to New York from Aalborg in Denmark and Gothenburg [Sweden].” This was facilitated by SAS’s newest addition to their fleet, the Airbus A321 Long Range aircraft.

“The U.S. market is a strategic market for SAS,” she explained. “We will continue to develop new routes and new destinations when we have the right opportunity. We see an increase in the demand for the North American market and also an increase in what Scandinavia can offer in terms of our archipelago, the fjords, the mountains, so we put a strong focus on the U.S. market—probably stronger than we’ve done before.”

Thérèse Lorenius, Acting CCO of SAS

SAS has recently introduced the new Comfort Kit series for SAS Business Class travelers on long-haul flights between Scandinavia and the U.S. or Asia. Lorenius commented that they prioritize sustainable production as well as innovative design in selecting brands to include. They also want to feature Scandinavian brands like DUX, Humble Co., Verso Skincare, and Swedsafe. “When our Scandinavian customers enter the plane, it should feel like they’re coming home,” she said.

SAS also revamped its Webby Award-winning app to enhance the user experience. Lorenius shares that the big takeaway is that the redesigned app was developed in collaboration with customers. “Our customers have been able to vote on the features that are most important to them,” she remarked. The updated app makes it easier to book flights and to purchase add-ons. “Our goal with the redesigned app is to provide a user-friendly experience that makes travel planning simple and hassle-free.”

It also allows users to see how many passengers have boarded the plane once the boarding process has started.

“Overall, it is a more modern design and more intuitive experience,” she said.

An A321LR

Most of the airline’s long-haul fleet is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi that is free for business-class passengers. The A321LR also offers high-speed Wi-Fi. The rest of the long-haul fleet for flights to and from Asia, Canada, and the U.S.—which consists of A330 and A350 models—offers lower-speed Wi-Fi that is sufficient for things like social media and emailing.

Lorenius shared that they have also launched a new boarding process with more groups for smoother and more efficient boarding.

“We know that the digital customer journey is very important for loyal customers, so we are continuously updating,” she said. “The SAS app is like a travel buddy that puts you in control.” Coming soon for SAS is support for customers using the Apple Watch, in addition to a simplified process to log in to in-flight Wi-Fi.

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