Embraer Launches Passenger to Freight Conversion Program for E-190, E-195 Jets

Embraer will provide the passenger-to-freighter conversions of E-190/195 jets at its facilities in Brazil. (Embraer)

Embraer became the latest commercial aircraft maker to launch air cargo variants of existing models, with the São José dos Campos, Brazil company launching the E-190F and E-195F Passenger to Freight Conversions (P2F).

The E-Jets P2F launch from Embraer comes following Boeing’s January launch of the 777-8X Freighter with Qatar Airways, and the July 2021 launch of the Airbus A350 Freighter prior to that. According to a March 7 press release, Embraer expects demand for 700 E-Jet Freighters over 20 years, and will provide P2F conversions for E-190s and E-195s at its facilities in Brazil.

E-Jet conversions will include cargo door, handling system, and interior upgrades to allow for transportation of hazardous materials, among other cargo-carrying modifications.

Arjan Meijer, President and CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation, describes their E-Jet P2F program as "Perfectly positioned to fill the gap in the freighter market between turboprops and larger narrowbody jets, our P2F E-Jet conversion hits the market as the demand for airfreight continues to take off, and as e-commerce and trade in general undergoes a global structural transformation."

The E190F can handle a payload of 23,600 pounds (10,700kg) while the E195F has a payload of 27,100 pounds, according to Embraer. Embraer describes demand for E-Jet-sized freighters, as driven by their knowledge of the age of the current in-service Embraer fleet—1,600 total E-Jets have been delivered globally.

Several key market factors are expected to help expand opportunities for Embraer's P2F program, according to the company, which added this market and design breakdown of the cargo conversion program below to its website upon announcing the new program.

Embraer added details about their E-Jet P2F program to their existing family of aircraft on their website Monday.

Embraer is making the P2F conversion service available for all pre-owned E190 and E195 aircraft, with entry into service expected in early 2024.

The launch of the P2F program by Embraer comes following their recent fourth quarter and full-year 2021 orders and deliveries report. Embraer delivered 55 jets in the fourth quarter of 2021, of which 16 were commercial aircraft and 39 were executive jets (26 light and 13 mid-size). The Company delivered a total of 141 jets in 2021, comprised of 48 commercial aircraft and 93 executive jets. Embraer's firm order backlog totaled USD 17.0 billion, reaching its highest value since the second quarter of 2018.

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