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PODCAST: XOJET Aviation Vice President Talks Flying Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

XOJET Aviation Vice President of Flight Operations Tyler Stubblefield joins this episode of the Global Connected Aircraft Podcast. (Kevin Fiscus)

On this episode of the Connected Aircraft Podcast, we’re joined by Tyler Stubblefield, vice president of flight operations for XOJET Aviation.

Stubblefield provides some perspective on how business aviation operators such as XOJET Aviation have seen new interest in private air travel amid the drastic changes to the way commercial airlines operate due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. XOJET has also adjusted cleaning processes and logistics for arriving at a fixed based operator (FBO) airport and chartering a flight.

According to Stubblefield, the membership-based private aviation operator also recently switched its headquarters from California to Florida and has not grounded any aircraft or removed any pilots from service in an effort to remain ready for what they feel will be a nearer term recovery in business jet travel demand.

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