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PODCAST SERIES Pt. 5: Aerospace Industry Outlook Under the Coronavirus Pandemic – BONUS

On this bonus episode, we provide unreleased interviews from our coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic’s impact on aviation.

On this bonus episode, we feature some of the unreleased interviews from our recent coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic’s impact on various segments of the aviation industry.

Guests and speakers on this episode include the following:

  • Ed Bastian, chief executive, Delta Air Lines
  • Paul Jacobson, chief financial officer, Delta Air Lines
  • Richard Koe, managing director, WINGX Advance GmbH
  • Glenn McDonald, senior associate, Aerodynamic Advisory

At 1:53, you’ll hear the opening remarks delivered by Bastian and Jacobson during their 2020 first quarter earnings call.

At 16:12, Koe joins the podcast to discuss trends in business aviation intelligence data and flight activity.

At 31:10, McDonald joins the podcast to discuss how the decline in passenger demand and COVID-19 travel restrictions will impact the aerospace industry supply chain.

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