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FAA Grants STC for New Aspen Primary, Multi-Function Displays

Aspen Avionics has achieved a new FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) for its new primary and
multi-function flight display family, the Evolution MAX series.

The STC approves the installation of the new MAX display across more than 600 aircraft types under an existing aircraft model list held by Aspen. Among the new features of the MAX displays are a GPS-aided attitude heading and reference system (AHRS) along with ADS-B, angle of attack and hazard awareness functionality. In the event of a pitot static failure, the AHRS is capable of displaying a GPS ground speed readout on the primary display’s speed tape.

The upgrade path from the legacy Aspen Avionics E5 to the new MAX series is depicted here. Photo: Aspen Avionics

The FAA certified three different versions of the electronic flight instrument, including the Pro Plus MAX with angle of attack and synthetic vision. One of the variants, the Evolution E5, has a battery backup system that eliminates the need for a vacuum system and air-driven gyros in certified visual flight rules aircraft that feature panel-mounted GPS.

In February, Aspen launched a MAX display upgrade program providing operators of existing displays to send their old units to the manufacturer to be replaced with a new sensor board, processor, graphics card, battery and glass in a 10-day turnaround.

Evolution 1000, the primary flight display variant of the new MAX series, includes a secondary sensor that acts as a redundant backup, while the MFD500 multifunction display eliminates duplicate sensors.

All three of the new MAX series displays can be configured for one-, two-, or three-unit installations.

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