JetBlue Tracks Microweather with New ClimaCell Software

JetBlue has implemented the newly launched ClimaCell HyperCast Aviation microweather forecasting software across its largest cities after a pilot program beginning in 2017 at Boston’s Logan Airport.

ClimaCell’s software finds and forecasts location-specific, short-term weather; its flagship HyperCast product is used by drone companies, sports teams and construction companies. The Aviation product being used by JetBlue is tailored for use by airlines and airports to adjust flight plans and takeoff/landing decisions as necessary due to weather.

HyperCast Aviation leverages new hypersensing technologies including wireless networks, proprietary IoT sensors, and other stealth technologies. While a typical radar can only sense precipitation above roughly 1,000 feet up in the atmosphere, the Hypercast software can also sense weather that is low to the ground.

“We’ve personally witnessed ClimaCell pick up ground-level weather systems that no one else could observe,” said Ian Deason, Senior VP of customer experience at JetBlue. “Since we’ve put the ClimaCell tool in the hands of our Boston managers, we get non-stop requests from other leaders who want access.”

JetBlue estimates that ClimaCell’s technology has the potential to save the company tens of thousands of dollars per month in operational disruption costs at each of its largest airports.The company saw enough potential in ClimaCell’s global microweather forecasting technology that its investment arm, JetBlue Technology Ventures, is now one of several investors in the company, participating in ClimaCell’s recent Series A funding.


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