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Bombardier Adding HUD, EVS to Challenger 350

The Bombardier Challenger 350 will soon be certified for steep approaches. Photo courtesy of Bombardier

Bombardier will be offering a Rockwell Collins-supplied head-up display (HUD) and enhanced vision system (EVS) option on its Challenger 350 business jet.

With the addition of the lightweight HUD to the current synthetic vision and MultiScan weather radar, pilots can fly eyes-forward in all phases of flight, most crucially during takeoff and landing. Flight deck integration provides critical flight information on the HUD’s transparent screen. For maximum situational awareness in all flight conditions, the HUD is elevated with a powerful EVS. The advanced EVS camera transmits live infrared imagery from outside the aircraft to the HUD, revealing runway lighting, surrounding terrain and possible obstacles on the runway.

The HUD and EVS will be available as an option on new Challenger 350 aircraft orders and can be installed as a retrofit on in-service models in Bombardier’s extensive network of service centers.

The Challenger 350, which was the top-selling jet in its segment last year, is currently undertaking steep approach certification at London City Airport. Bombardier said final certification is expected soon.

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