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Satcom Direct Stresses Cybersecurity with Live Hacks at EBACE 2018

(Arena Group Associates EBACE 2018)

Satcom Direct is hosting ethical hackers performing live hacks at EBACE 2018. The white hat hackers from Shorebreak Security are demonstrating how identity theft, password cracking and system compromise occur to explain the potential impact of bad actors, and how data network vulnerabilities are exploited. Using real-world scenarios, the digital security professionals will outline practical solutions that can reduce risk.

Satcom Direct will also be putting on demonstrations of the SD Cyber Security Solutions portfolio, which combines the benefits of SD’s hardware routers, software services, ground infrastructure and technical expertise to protect business aviation data, complement the presentations. The portfolio also includes the SD Threat Monitoring Module, a feature supported by digital flight operations dashboard SD Pro. The proprietary software provides customers with current and previous views of network security, highlights potential threats, and identifies incidents. SD customers data is also fully encrypted from the air to the ground, while SD’s certified cybersecurity experts actively monitor data traffic to evaluate any risk.

The SD family of routers added to SD connectivity and SD Pro software solutions, will then also provide detailed connectivity information, aircraft performance details, and cybersecurity data giving the customer real-time flight management feedback to better support network and operational planning. When combined with the SD Private Network, the full suite enables IT departments to apply full corporate compliance protocols to their fleets, just as they would in their offices. Customers using the combination of SD hardware, SD software and the SD Private Network benefit from the SD guarantee of network security.

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