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Bombardier Unveils Global 7000-Exclusive Cabin Management System

Bombardiers new cabin management system features physical dials that rise from the side ledge. Photo courtesy of Bombardier

Bombardier unveiled a preview of its Global 7000-exclusive nice touch cabin management system (CMS). A Bombardier-Lufthansa Technik collaboration, the new system focuses on cabin interaction through a combination of physical and digital interfaces with the goal of effortless control of the cabin environment and entertainment.

For ultimate cabin efficiency and enjoyment, the nice touch CMS introduces a new way to connect with the cabin through the Bombardier Touch dial, featuring business aviation’s first application of an OLED display. Always within reach from the comfort of the passenger’s seat, it discreetly rises from the side ledge with the touch of a finger to provide rapid control of entertainment and cabin settings.

The Global 7000 aircraft also introduces suite controllers throughout the aircraft’s living spaces. These unique bulkhead-mounted interfaces allow intuitive and home-like control of the cabin environment.

“With a 10-gigabit fiber-optic architecture and dual wireless access points for redundancy, the nice touch CMS provides an easy and reliable way to control all cabin functions so that passengers can easily transition between productivity and relaxation,” said Lufthansa Technik VP Andrew Muirhead.

The touch dial and suite controllers are complemented by the nice touch application, available on iOS and Android devices. The application features a content aggregator that provides easy access to all media. Its curated selection of preset lighting schemes offers limitless custom color combinations for the perfect cabin ambiance.

The nice touch CMS redefines cabin entertainment by delivering available 4K, ultra-high-definition content at unprecedented speeds. The Global 7000 jet also boasts two media centers that provide on-demand audio and video to any suite in the cabin and various floorplan configurations that offer large cabin monitors, as well as Ka-band connectivity.

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