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Garmin Works Weather Information Into Pilot App for Apple

Garmin’s Pilot App viewing icing probabilities. Photo courtesy of Garmin

Garmin has updated its Garmin Pilot app for Apple devices. Update 9.3 includes a number of enhancements, focusing on weather and airspace alerting. Following is a list of updates:

  • When viewing the flight profile view alongside a flight plan within Garmin Pilot, customers can view the probability or severity of icing at particular altitudes through color-coded shading.
  • The radar overlay on the moving map now includes the projected path of a storm cell. If hail or tornadic activity is present, a corresponding icon will also be displayed alongside the particular storm cell line.
  • Garmin Pilot 9.3 adds airspace alerting to notify pilots prior to entering select airspace segments. Which airspace types pilots receive alerts for can be customized in the app.
  • Pilots that utilize a GDL 69, GDL 51 or GDL 52 who also have a valid SiriusXM Aviation Weather subscription can now view the surface analysis layer on the moving map.
  • Pilots can now utilize pinch-to-zoom gestures on the traffic page to view traffic targets when Garmin Pilot is paired with an ADS-B In receiver. They can also select whether traffic information is displayed in relative or absolute altitude.
  • Extended runway centerlines have been improved to display mile marker segments so it’s easier to determine distance from the runway while on final approach.
  • The Garmin Pilot aircraft library has grown to include aircraft performance profiles for Cessna, Mooney and Piper.

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