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Boeing Adds Wireless to Jeppessen with Bad Elf’s Wombat

Bad Elf’s Wombat device with Jeppesen plug-in card reader. Photo courtesy of Bad Elf

Jeppesen customers will no longer need to update data cards offsite and away from their planes thanks to a partnership between Boeing and Bad Elf.

Boeing also introduced a new mobile version of its Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDB) flight data update technology, which will work in accordance with Bad Elf’s Wombat portable device. The tech allows the newly allied companies to provide a wireless data-transfer solution.

“Through our relationship with Bad Elf, most of our general and business aviation customers will now be able to use JDM Mobile and the Wombat device to wirelessly update essential charts and data right in the cockpit,” said Jeppesen’s Mike Abbott. “This capability also extends to tens of thousands of customers operating legacy avionics that are not designed for wireless navigation data update capabilities.”

Initially, Garmin and Avidyne avionics systems will be supported by the JDM Mobile and Bad Elf Wombat integrated technology, representing a majority of Jeppesen’s general aviation pilot customer base. In the coming months, support for additional avionics systems across general and business aviation will be added, in total reaching more than 80% of JDM customers, Boeing said.

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