SITAONAIR Builds ‘Smart Core’ for Aircraft with Astronics

Astronics Ballard Technology’s webCS system will be integrated into SITAONAIR’s smart core offering. Photo courtesy of SITAONAIR

SITAONAIR and Astronics Ballard Technology have teamed up to provide an integrated aircraft “smart core.”

The product solution combines Astronics’ webCS Wireless Aircraft Communications Server along with SITAONAIR’s e-enabled application software.

The ‘smart core’ brings together the vast connected aircraft data collected by SITAONAIR’s e-Aircraft DataCapture solutions for cockpit, cabin, and aircraft operations. It then distributes this SITAONAIR-processed data onboard using Astronics Ballard Technology’s flexible webCS, a smart AID/server/router that securely bridges avionics data with wired and wireless networks in a single, compact box.

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