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Aurora Aims to Prevent Drone Collisions with Radar

By Nick Zazulia | February 1, 2018
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Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences has tabbed radar developer Socionext, Inc. to help it take on the problem of collisions among consumer unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

“Preventing collisions is vital for safe drone operation, and this technology is an excellent solution,” Aurora CEO John Langford said, referring to the radar flight control module that the companies are offering.

The module is a computer chip about half an inch long and half that wide that Aurora says provides detailed range measurements and can detect multiple objects, objects in space, target distances and speeds. The control module provides warnings and signals to the pilot through a handheld interface to help prevent collisions.

Socionext’s Tsutomu Nozaki said that the companies will continue working together to provide solutions for aircraft systems going forward.

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