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German Hobby Drone Pilots Must be Licensed

By Staff Writer | October 6, 2017
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New unmanned aircraft system rules are now effective in Germany as of Oct. 1. The nation's air traffic control agency, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, say drones now must be marked with their specific weight and hobby pilots need to be licensed.

DFS said the marking applies to drones weighing 250 grams. The drones must also have a fire-resistant plaque with the name and address of their owners, should the owner need to be identified, DFS said.

Operators of drones two kilograms or more in weight and who are using them for sports and recreational purposes must be licensed. Those with a valid pilot’s license are automatically licensed for drones. Drone licenses can be obtained by completing an examination, facilitated by an aviation bureau-approved body or by taking part in a briefing, facilitated by an air sports club. The licenses are not valid for commercial drone operations.

DFS said German air navigation services could also offer the license. The organization said it is also offering a textbook, map material and other information with the DrohnenApp and its website. In the future, DFS subsidiary R. Eisenschmidt is set to distribute information.

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