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Large Aircraft Can Now Use IMSAR Synthetic Aperture Radar

By Staff Writer | September 26, 2017
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IMSAR now offers a new extended ranger version of its miniaturized synthetic aperture radar, the Utah-based company said. The new version, IMSAR said, is able to work in higher altitudes and faster aircraft, both on manned and unmanned platforms.

Synthetic aperture radar can see through atmospheric obscurations, the company said, making it applicable to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The new NSP-5 ER (extended range) functions as the NSP-5 does, but with an extended range high-resolution imager.

The U.S. military currently uses the NSP-5 for imaging, moving target indication and change detection for smaller aircraft that fly at lower speeds and altitudes. IMSAR said its extended range product is weatherized and designed for aircraft like the Beechcraft King Air, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Caravan and General Atomics Grey Eagle drone.

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