Boeing Maintenance App Supports Air Canada’s Non-Boeing Aircraft

By Staff Writer | August 3, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Air Canada

Air Canada now uses Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox for non-Boeing airplanes, the manufacturer said. With an expanded agreement, Boeing now supports Air Canada’s entire fleet.

“Boeing is proud to support Air Canada’s integrated systems efforts to ensure that mechanics for any of their airplanes have the right data at the right time,” said David Longridge, VP of sales and marketing at Boeing Global Services. “Boeing Toolbox’s compatibility with the airline’s maintenance and engineering planning system completes the end-to-end value stream of maintenance data, delivering on core strengths with simplicity.”

The Maintenance Performance Toolbox suite allows engineers and mechanics to have real-time access to maintenance documents. Air Canada has been a customer of the solution since 2014. It has since created kiosks that mechanics can go to, to check out a tablet with Boeing’s app and maintenance data. This is similar to the way the mechanics would check out other tools.

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