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ForeFlight Unveils ‘Smallest’ ADS-B Receiver in the Market

By Staff Writer | July 18, 2017
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Scout in the air

Photo courtesy of ForeFlight

ForeFlight, well known for its iOS electronic flight bag, now offers a portable, dual-band ADS-B receiver, the company said. The receiver, called Scout, is the result of collaboration with uAvionix, and delivers in-flight weather and traffic to the ForeFlight app. ForeFlight said it is “the smallest … form-factor on the market.”

“We are excited to bring Scout to market in collaboration with uAvionix,” said Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight’s co-founder and CEO. “We want every pilot flying with the benefits of ADS-B In. The combination of an ADS-B In solution with ForeFlight makes flying safer and we believe has led to a meaningful reduction in weather-related incidents and accidents.”

Scout is 84mm x 21mm x 8mm and weighs 17 grams. The dual antennas are optimized for 978 MHz and 1090 MHz. ForeFlight said the traffic capability functions worldwide. There is no hardware to assemble or software to download. Scout can be positioned on any window surface and plugged into a power source. Scout also has an integrated Wi-Fi network that users can connect to their iPads or iPhones to receive the subscription-free, in-flight weather and traffic information. The product can support up to four devices and a feature that allows users to share routes between devices on the network.

The product can also receive air-to-air traffic information from other aircraft with ADS-B Out and can re-broadcast traffic information from FAA ground towers.

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