Lockheed Martin Missiles for US Air Force Feature IR Seeker, Digital Anti-Jam GPS Receiver

By Staff Writer | June 5, 2017
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Image courtesy of the U.S. Defense Dept.

Lockheed Martin is set to produce joint air-to-surface standoff missiles (JASSM)-extended range (ER) version to the U.S. Air Fore, Lockheed Martin said. The $413 million contract covers lot 15 production, which includes 360 JASSM-ER missiles, data tooling and test equipment. The missiles feature an infrared seeker and enhanced digital anti-jam GPS receiver.

“We have focused our efforts on enhancing the capabilities of this formidable and highly reliable missile for U.S. and allied warfighters,” said Jason Denney, program director of long-range strike systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “Lot 15 and future production lots will benefit from the enhancements and the many affordability initiatives we are executing.”

With the contract, Lockheed Martin has been contracted for more than 3,000 missiles for JASSM and JASSM-ER combined. Lockheed Martin said JASSM is integrated on the U.S. Air Force’s B-1B, B-2, B-52, F-16 and F-15E. The B-1B also carries JASSM-ER. Internationally, JASSM is carried on the F/A-18A/B and the F-18C/D aircraft.

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